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Flying Bull

Year 6

Spring 2019

Planet Earth

This term, as part of our topic in Year 6, we will be investigating the planet we live on.

Our main focus for this topic will be Geography where we will be studying the impact of weather and natural disasters, specifically focusing on real life situations where these events have occurred

In our English lessons, we will be looking at a range of genres this term. Beginning with our own plastic pollution speeches before creating our own David Attenborough-style voice overs. We will then use our learning in Geography to write newspapers and personal recounts about these events.  

In Design Technology, we will be looking at how bridges are structured and creating our own bridge prototypes. In STEM we will be looking at how to make a box waterproof and watertight so that we can appreciate those who have to have such items in case of a natural disaster.  

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that it is vital in the build-up to SATS, that your child is reading at least 5 times per week at home (minimum) and this is being signed in their home reading diaries (orange booklets). All Year 6 classrooms are open from 8:30am for children to come in and read with an adult. This is highly encouraged as reading is shown to be the number one way to improve your child’s learning.

We are offering an after-school booster session on Monday, covering Reading, Grammar and Maths (you will be informed if your child is invited to these).

Homework will be set weekly with a Reading and Maths task being set. If there are any problems with the homework please see your child’s class teacher. With classrooms opening at 8:30am, children are welcome to come with their homework for additional support.  

Finally, we are excited to offer a trip to the Marwell Zoo in February and to the STEM Fair in March. More information about these will follow.

We hope you enjoy the term!

The Year 6 Team.

Autumn Term 2018

Who let the Gods out?

We are excited to start our Greek topic for the Autumn term. Within it we will be looking at the book "Who let the Gods out!?" which is a hilarious book written by Maz Evans and is available at all good book stores.

In English, our writing will be focused on looking at a variety of ancient myths, the beasts and heroes of Ancient Greece and the adventures of famous faces like Hercules and Theseus. 

Our Maths focus will be on place value, addition and subtraction as we slowly prepare for the SATS tests.

In Art, our focus will be on Greek pottery and within our design and technology lessons, we will be looking at creating a variety of famous Greek dishes.

Our Science topic will focus on the wonder of reversible and irreversible changes wherein we will be looking at a series of experiments and theories.

We are also excited to see YolanDa Brown in concert as part of our Music topic and creating our very own Olympic games.

Summer 2018

Is it right to fight? (cont.)

The initial few weeks of term will be spent focusing on revision for the upcoming Age Expectation Tests (SATS). We will be covering all topics previously taught this year to ensure the children have a good understanding of the different elements of Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) and Mathematics. We will also be continuing to expand the children’s writing looking at different topics.

Once SATs are complete, we will begin our learning on our Festivals (#Glastonbury not Christmas). As part of this topic we will be investigating different types of festivals, using our geography skills to understand suitable locations and map skills to be able to identify appropriate terrain. Using our PSHCE and ROB learning, we will develop our understanding of how festivals began and look at different types of festivals celebrated around the world.

By the end of term, we will be putting on our festival as a celebration of our learning. This will incorporate the digital music learning we will be doing to create our own festival soundtracks as well as our design and technology work.

In our maths lessons, as well as covering the usual broad range of learning: we will set some fun challenges and investigations that will allow the children to deepen their understanding of mathematics and the different areas they have learnt about throughout the year, applying this knowledge to different contexts.

In DT, we will be looking at food with some children being able to create their own restaurant menu as well as building our trebuchets.

We will use our Computing lessons to continue to learn more about how to conduct thorough research as well as using different skills to improve our coding.

As Scientists, we will be investigating different questions around the idea of forces. We will also be looking at previous science units to revise our understanding of other concepts such as plant life, sound and physics.

As this is the last term for our Year 6’s, we will be working on our Leavers Assembly as well as working on PSHCE units on relationships and sex education. The children will finish the year as Year 6+ with many wonderful, exciting activities to participate in. More information will follow on this nearer the time.