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Flying Bull

Year 6

Autumn Term 2020

Myths and Legends

We would like to welcome back all the children to the autumn term of this two-year curriculum. The classrooms are all set up, the children have all the equipment they need to be successful and we are ready and raring to get into our learning.

In English this term, we will be learning about different Myths and Legends and using them as stimulus for our writing. We will be looking at different uses of language, expanding our vocabulary and finishing by writing our own fear scenarios. In Autumn two, we will focus on our non-fiction writing and how to inform and persuade the reader.

In Maths, we will begin by going over our understanding of number: it’s value, how to round, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide as well as looking at hands on maths such as measuring.

In Reading, our phase book will be Who Let The Gods Out but we will also be introducing a range of different texts to the children from picture books, to information texts to expand their reading base and develop their reading skills.

We will be continuing our non-core work in the afternoons and on non-core Friday. PE Days are Monday and Tuesday for both year groups and so the children now come in wearing their PE kits on these days. We will be outside as much as the weather allows so please ensure appropriate outdoor PE kit.

We will be developing our sketching skills in Art and exploring CAMS in Design Technology. As part of our PSHCE learning we will be looking at self-esteem, resilience, diversity and racism. In History we will be learning about Ancient Greece through work on their religion, their propaganda through pottery, how they introduced democracy and the legacy they left us. In Geography we will be developing our map skills and ability to use four and six figured grid references. In Respect Other Beliefs (ROB) we will be learning about people’s faith and what it means to different people. Additionally, in the Autumn term, Year 6 will be learning about relationships and how their bodies change. More information will come out about these sessions nearer the time.

We welcome any home learning the children wish to do which can be shared with their class teacher through the year group emails:

Or through the year group padlet

If you have any issues you wish to discuss then please use the year group email to contact your child’s teacher.


Spring Term 2020

Is it right to fight?

This term, as part of our topic in Year 6, we will be investigating the question ‘Is it right to fight?’

During our History lessons we will be studying major conflicts including World War 1 and World War 2 and the impact of conflicts on the world we know today. We will be looking at what life was like during these wars, not only for those people fighting, but also for those who did not go to war. We are going to be researching and reading about various key events and people involved in these conflicts and we will be producing many interesting pieces of writing based on our research. Finally, we will be researching the effect of the war on our local area.

Geography – we will be studying the impact of war on human and physical geography through the study of aerial photographs taken during the war and acting as a ‘War Cabinet’ to decide upon suitable sites for invasions and bombing raids, based on maps and photographs.

In our English lessons, we will be looking at various recounts from the World Wars and using these as inspiration to write in a range of genres. We will also be writing our own recounts of famous events in History alongside creating our own newspaper articles.

In Design Technology, we will be looking at hydraulics and programming and in Art we will looking at sihouettes.

Within our Science we will be learning about Light and Friction as well as developing our understanding of STEM through a separate project.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that it is vital that your child is reading at least 5 times per week at home (minimum).  All classrooms are open from 8:35am for children to come in and read with an adult. This is highly encouraged as reading is shown to be the number one way to improve your child’s learning.

We hope you enjoy the term!

The Year 6 Team.


Autumn 2019

Be Extraordinary

Welcome back to a very exciting term, with a brand new topic to Year 6: Be Extraordinary.

Over the course of this term we will be covering a range of learning all about our Earth and the people that live on it.

In Geography, we will be learning about rivers and how they are formed. By the end of our learning journey, the children will know the various features of a river, will have had the opportunity to build their own river as a class, have visited a real life river and completed experiments on it.

In Science, we will begin the year by learning about evolution and inheritance: how we have evolved as a species and what we inherit from our parents. After half term, we will be moving on to learn about the Circulatory System. This is a very exciting part of our term as we will be making our own blood, investigating how our heart works and even dissecting animal hearts to better our own understanding.

Within our PSCHE lessons. we will be learning about Body Image, how the media alters images, how to love ourselves and be accepting of all body types.

The artist BANKSY will lead our Rebel Artist unit: looking at the differences between graffiti and street art, creating our own tags and using BANKSY as our inspiration to create our own protest art work.

In our History learning, we will be taking inspiration from our staff to look at people who have had an impact on our planet.

It would be great if at home, families can talk about who they consider to have had an impact on the planet – this might be inventors, leaders, scientists, painters, musicians – and why they have had such an effect.

We will be covering many more elements in our curriculum with Reading, Writing and Maths being affected by this non-core learning so that the subjects link together where possible.

All classrooms will be open from 8:35 every morning for children to come and be heard reading, with ERIC continuing on Thursday mornings, 8:35-9:15. During this time, class teachers and teaching assistants will be checking reading logs.

Summer 2019

Infinity and Beyond

What an exciting topic our last one is going to be! What is our Solar system really made up of? What is our place in the Universe? How has technology improved and developed to where we are today in 2019? Can you think of any other questions you might want to ask?

For English, we’ll be continuing our cross-curricular link with Geography, learning all things ‘Tsunami’. We look forward to reporting about such events in journalistic styles and as if we had been there (fortunately none of us have!)

In Reading, we will be looking at our book choices and how we can explain our choices to others through our Reading World Cup. In addition, we will be looking at comparing newspapers and useful resources for our school.

In Maths we will be revising a range of topics before SATS. Afterwards, we will be completing investigations and looking at real life uses for Maths in STEM.  

Computing’s a good one, with all things animation and film being taught – do we have any Steven Spielberg’s in our midst I wonder? The humanities subjects will cover the Space Race (looking at how different countries competed to get to Space first), alongside discussions around Fair Trade and our moral role.

We will be becoming entrepreneurs in PSHCE and STEM. This will include researching renewable energy sources and looking at how we can play our part in developing a sustainable world.

Finally, this is Year 6’s last term with us and we are looking forward to a term of exciting events and opportunities such as going to Portsmouth University, our trip to Canoe Lake, the Y6 Sleepover as well as all the 6+ trips that will be coming up in July.


Reminder that the Leavers Assembly will be on the 12th of July at 10am.