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Flying Bull

Year 5

Summer 2019

Infinity and Beyond

What an exciting topic our last one is going to be! What is our Solar system really made up of? What is our place in the Universe? How has technology improved and developed to where we are today in 2019? Can you think of any other questions you might want to ask?

For English, we’ll be continuing our cross-curricular link with Geography, learning all things ‘Tsunami’. We look forward to reporting about such events in journalistic styles and as if we had been there (fortunately none of us have!)

In Reading, we’ll be looking at understanding the meaning of unknown words by using the context, summarising and making comparisons within texts and between texts. Keep reading at home, sharing excitement around books and giving suggestions of ‘new reads’ to Miss Hewitt, Mrs Stapenhill and Mr Charlton – we love it!

In Maths we’ll be covering a variety of topics, to ensure we have covered everything by the end of the year, so we need to make sure our brains are fully switched on! We will have a fresh look at fractions, percentages and decimals (and their relationship) and shape in terms of volume, co-ordinates, translation, reflection and enlargement!

Computing’s a good one, with all things animation and film being taught – do we have any Steven Spielberg’s in our midst I wonder? The humanities subjects will cover the Space Race (looking at how different countries competed to get to Space first), alongside discussions around Fair Trade and our moral role.

We will be becoming entrepreneurs in PSHCE and STEM. This will include researching renewable energy sources and looking at how we can play our part in developing a sustainable world.

We are super looking forward to a term of swimming and our wet and wacky trip. Get those bathers and goggles out and ready!


Spring 2019

Planet Earth

This term, as part of our topic in Year 5, we will be investigating the planet we live on.

Our main focus for this topic will be Geography where we will be studying the impact of weather and natural disasters, specifically focusing on real life situations where these events have occurred.

In our English lessons, we will be looking at a range of genres this term. Beginning with our own plastic pollution speeches before creating our own David Attenborough-style voice overs. We will then use our learning in Geography to write newspapers and personal recounts about these events.  

In Reading, we will be building up to taking part in the Portsmouth Book Awards. We have been chosen to read and then vote on the four books which will be announced in February. We will be reading, discussing and learning from these books within our reading lessons.

In Design Technology, we will be looking at how bridges are structured and creating our own bridge prototypes. In STEM we will be looking at how to make a box waterproof and watertight so that we can appreciate those who have to have such items in case of a natural disaster.  

In Science, we will be learning about the life cycles of animals, how they reproduce and how plants can be cloned from their roots.

In PSHCE, we will be continuing our understanding of natural disasters through learning about what constitutes a crisis and how to react to these situations.

As part of our work in the community, we are offering Bikeability in March which will teach the children who wish to learn, how to cycle on the roads safely. More information about this will follow.

Finally, we are excited to offer a trip to the Marwell Zoo in March with more information coming about this soon.

We hope you enjoy the term!

The Year 5 Team.

Autumn 2018

Who Let the Gods Out?!

We are excited to start our Greek topic for the Autumn term. Within it, we will be looking at the book "Who let the Gods out!?" which is a hilarious book written by Maz Evans and is available at all good bookstores.

In English, our writing will be focused on looking at a variety of ancient myths, the beasts and heroes of ancient Greece and the adventures of famous faces like Hercules and Theseus, whilst after half term we will be focusing on using non-fiction to explore our understanding of Ancient Greece. 

Our maths focus will be on place value, the four calculations and fractions with working on our varied fluency and developing our ability to use our understanding within reasoning problems. 

In art, our focus will be on Greek pottery and within our design and technology lessons, we will be looking at creating a variety of famous Greek dishes whilst in ROB we will be developing our understanding of Faith alongside our PSHCE work on values and diversity. 

Our science topic will focus on the wonder of reversible and irreversible changes wherein we will be looking at a series of experiments and theories, writing our own methods and creating our hypotheses. 

We are very much looking forward to this topic and exploring the world of ancient Greece. Any additional research done at home can be added to our class padlets.