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Year 5

Summer 2022

Year 5 are looking forward to an exciting term ahead of them with many interesting opportunities and learning coming their way. 

In Reading, the children will be looping back to their reading themes and looking at different reading themes from Picture Books, Songs from Musicals, Notable People, Beetles, Circuses and the classic text Peter Pan. Through these themes we will be interweaving our knowledge and ability to use key reading skills using our reading VIPERS. 

In English, we will be returning to our narrative writing, in particular looking at how we use dialogue in our writing and also how we set the scene and describe our characters for our readers. 

In Maths, we will continue our progress with White Rose and focus on geometry, algebra, measure and percentages as well as continuing with our calculation fluency to ensure that these skills have been moved to our long term memory. 

In PE, this term we will be heading to Mountbatten Centre to go to swimming with all the children in Y5 having the opportunity to develop their skills at their level. 

Through our Art, we will be working on surrealist art before beginning our conflict art, utilising our painting and sketching skills. We will also be working on a secret project with Mrs Stapenhill which links to our STEM learning. 

In LIFE, we will be complete our statutory requirement for Health and Relationships. More information will come about this nearer the time.  

In History, we will be learning about a new topic for Y5/6 which will be the history of the Islamic Civilisation and how this has affected our lives as well as developing our understanding of primary and secondary sources. 

In Geography, we will be taking our understanding of North and South America and begin to look at the different biomes in the world and how they link to our lives in Europe as well as our countries of interest in other continents. 



Spring 2022

Welcome back to Spring term.

This term we will be focusing on being historians and learning about World War One. We will be investigating primary and secondary sources, which will help us understand the different viewpoints and how propaganda and censorship took place. Through our history we will be using our knowledge to write diaries from the trenches, letters recounting the Christmas Truce, interviews based on 9/11 and journalist recounts of a news story.

In Maths, we will be focusing on Fractions: equivalent, simplifying, proper and improper, addition and subtraction, multiplying and dividing as well as finding a fraction of amount. In addition to this, we will be focusing on position and direction alongside understanding triangles and angles.

Through our geography we will be developing our knowledge of continents moving from our learning on North America to looking at a new continent of South America. We will be learning about the different countries which make up the continent as well as key physical features (such as rivers, mountains and biomes) and human features (including population).

In computing, we will be developing our own stop animation linking to our previous science learning on Space.

In Science, we will be learning about evolution (which we will be pre-learning about in reading) as well as adaption.

Finally, through LIFE we will be learning about finance through our visitors MyBnk and in ROB we will be learning about communication and how different religions communicate with their higher power.


Autumn 2021

It has been great to welcome all the children to Phase 4 this term, and they have settled in brilliantly, really focusing on their learning and getting back into their routines.This term we will be focusing on catching up on any areas of the curriculum needed with additional support from Mrs. Stapenhill and Miss Brain to help the children make progress.

In English, we will be focusing on the different uses for sentences and how they can be used to build up a piece of writing, particularly in fiction and non-fiction writing.

In mathematics, we will recap our understanding of place value before developing our knowledge of the four calculations. The children’s ability to retrieve information on number bonds to 20 and their timetables is crucial, so please support them in this area.

In science, we will be learning about electricity before applying this understanding to our design and technology curriculum where we will be making moving vehicles.

In art, we will be looking at how to draw the human figure with wireframes as our structure to build up our anatomical bodies.

In PE, we will be working on our fitness levels as well as our understanding of invasion games and the skills needed to be a successful team.

Within ROB (respecting others beliefs), we will be looking at a range of religions and their understanding of devotion and prophecy, so we can show respect to different cultures and their viewpoints.

In LIFE (living in the wider world, interpersonal relationships, fitness and health, economics) we will be building up an understanding of democracy and how laws are made as well as the rights we have as children. Through this, we will look at the responsibilities the children have to develop themselves through these rights.

We are looking forward to a great term and seeing the children grow and learn. You can contact the team on 

The Year 5 Team