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Flying Bull

Year 5

Summer 2018


This term, in Year 5 our topic will be FESTIVALS (#Glastonbury not Christmas!).

As part of this topic we will be investigating different types of festivals, using our geography skills to understand suitable locations and map skills to be able to identify appropriate terrain. Using our PSHCE and ROB learning we will develop our understanding of how festivals began and look at different types of festivals celebrated around the world.

By the end of term, we will be putting on our festival as a celebration of our learning. This will incorporate the digital music learning we will be doing to create our own festival soundtracks as well as our design and technology work.

Our book for this term is The Matilda Effect and has been chosen due to its strong female character and the inspiration she brings to Science and Engineering. We will be using this book in our Reading lessons to unpick the genre of adventure stories and the characters needed to make them a success.

In addition, this term, we will be going to see War Horse at the Mayflower in Southampton. This will see the end to our Is it right to fight? topic and give the children the experience of going to the theatre to see a West End Show.

Other elements to this term will see Year 5 attend the Portsmouth Short Book Awards as well as beginning their Relationships and Sex Education lessons. At the end of term Y5 will transition to Year 6.


Spring 2018

Is it right to fight?

This term, as part of our topic in Year 5, we will be investigating the question ‘Is it right to fight?’

During our History lessons we will be studying major conflicts including World War 1 and World War 2 and the impact of conflicts on the world we know today. We will be looking at what life was like during these wars, not only for those people fighting, but also for those who did not go to war. We are going to be researching and reading about various key events and people involved in these conflicts and we will be producing many interesting pieces of writing based on our research. Finally, we will be researching the effect of the war on our local area.

Geography – we will be studying the impact of war on human and physical geography through the study of aerial photographs taken during the war and acting as a ‘War Cabinet’ to decide upon suitable sites for invasions and bombing raids, based on maps and photographs.

In our English lessons, we will be looking at various recounts from the World Wars and using these as inspiration to write in a range of genres. We will also be writing our own recounts of famous events in History alongside creating our own newspaper articles.

In Design Technology, we will be building trebuchets and would like to invite parents and carers in to engage with their children’s learning on Wednesday the 21st of March. Please feel free to come and join in with your child’s learning. The first part of the morning will focus on the investigation and designing of their trebuchet. By 11:15am, the children will be beginning to build their design. This will carry on into the afternoon with the children testing them towards the end of the day.

We will also be making rations as part of our food technology. The children will have a chance to research rationing before re-creating dishes that only use rationed ingredients.

This year, Year 5 children have the chance to participate in Bikeability which will begin on Monday 5th March. This gives children the opportunity to learn how to ride bikes safely on the roads and become comfortable, confident and safe in the saddle.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that your child should be reading at least 5 times per week at home (minimum) and this is being signed in their homework diaries. We also ask that your child practises their times tables using the Kumon cards that have been sent home with them. Both Year 5 classrooms are open from 8:30am for children to come in and read with an adult. This is highly encouraged as reading is shown to be the number one way to improve your child’s learning.

We hope you enjoy the term!

The Year 5 Team.