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Flying Bull

Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning for week beginning 30th November 2020

The work below is for the week beginning the 30th November.


There are Four Reading sessions all based upon Chapter 1 of the text Peter Pan and Wendy: Read the text first, look up any words you are unsure of to develop your vocabulary and then answer the questions for that text.

 - Session 1 - Pages 1-6 Do Task 1 and 2

- Session 2 - Pages 1-6 Do Task 3

- Session 3 - Pages 7-10 Do Task 1 and 2

- Session 4 - Pages 7-10 Do Task 3


English for the week is in one attachment. We are looking at writing a short narrative story describing a ‘fear’ scenario. Watch the short video clip from Indiana Jones and then follow the instructions.

- Session 1 - Paragraph as she enters the tunnel.

- Session 2 - Paragraph as she comes face to face with her greatest fear.

- Session 3 - Paragraph as she loses control of her emotions.

- Session 4 - Paragraph as she reaches into the hole in the wall.

- Session 5 - Write up in neat OR type it up.


Maths for this week focuses on shape.

- Session 1 - Properties of 2D shapes

- Session 2 - Sorting/classifying triangles

- Session 3 - Sorting/classifying quadrilaterals

- Session 4 - Finish any worksheets not yet completed


Spelling has been included to support work on developing words at the right level. Activities are included with rules explained.

As always, if there any questions or if something needs additional resources or explanation please contact the Y5 team through or to the Year 5 padlet:

Stay safe and keep learning :) Mr Boulstridge and Mr Thomas