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Flying Bull

Year 4

Summer Term 2019

Famous Tudors

This term, Year 4 will be exploring the world of Tudors, investigating how they lived as well as how their attitudes and beliefs were different to ours.

We will be focusing on researching and comparing famous Tudors, investigating what they achieved and discussing whether they deserved to be famous for what they achieved. These famous Tudors will include: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, Elizabeth 1st, Nicolaus Copernicus and Hans Holbein.

We will be going on a number of topic trips this term, including:  a visit to Southsea castle (built by Henry VIII) as well as a trip to the Mary Rose Museum where we will take part in a variety of workshops and even get to work as teams to fire our own Tudor Canons to defend Portsmouth!

As we research the Tudors, we shall also be finding out which areas of the world they explored and how they brought back foods and plants from the New Worlds that they were discovering from potatoes to exotic fruits. As part of our Design and Technology lessons, we will be preparing and cooking dishes based on potatoes and our Science lessons will be focussed on Changes Of State and the water cycle.

In Design and Technology, we shall also be designing and producing a pillow for a Tudor Monarch, using fabric paints and sewing skills.

In Geography, we shall be finding out how maps have changed since Tudor times and the way humans see and record their world. We will focus our studies on Portsmouth and see how the island had changed and developed throughout the ages.

Science will lead us to explore the Tudor world of alchemy, where scientists began discovering how to make potions and liquids react with one another. We shall also be going to Wittering beach and Itchenor harbour in June to explore the environment and wildlife that may be found there in the Summer. (This trip has a link to our environment work from the Spring.)

Our writing will involve most genres, particularly the narrative writing of ghost stories, the diary of Anne Boleyn, explanation texts and play-scripts based on Romeo and Juliet!

Our outdoor PE sessions this term will be Tennis and Athletics.

In music, we will be learning to read, write and compose music. We will continue our learning to play ukuleles as well as learning to appreciate music of others including songs by famous US artists, Jazz musicians and Soul singers.

Spring term 2019

Into the Wild! Extreme Environments and Save The Planet!

This term, Year 4 will be investigating some of the most amazing places on Planet Earth as part of our Extreme Environments topic, as well as learning about how fragile our planet is in our Save the Planet topic.

We will be focusing our initial investigations on the Polar Explorers and asking ourselves one simple question – Were they Courageous or just plain Crazy?

A trip has been planned for an Extreme Outdoor Survival Adventure at West Witterings beach where the children will learn to pull a Polar Pulk, cook over camp stoves and even learn how to make fire using flints!

Science will lead us to explore the habitats of the Earth and how they are in danger. We will also be investigating the digestive system, calories and how to create a healthy diet.

In PSHCE we shall be learning about personal hygiene and basic first aid skills.

In Computing we shall be collecting and presenting data as well as creating digital animations.

In Art we shall be studying form and texture through clay and creating 3D clay sculptures with a sea theme.

Our writing will involve most genres particularly diaries, information texts as well as stories and poetry.

In Music pupils shall be learning the basics of playing a ukulele.

Our outdoor PE sessions this term will be swimming lessons at the Mountbatten Centre – These will take place every Thursday afternoon for the whole spring term so please ensure your child has their swimming gear.


Autumn Term 2018

Raiders, Invaders and Settlers!

This term, Year 4 will be going on a very exciting learning journey as we explore our new topic Raiders, Invader and Settlers!

As part of our creative curriculum, we will be going on an historical,  geographical and engineering adventure into the misty worlds of the Vikings, Saxons and Normans...

We will follow the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous the Third as he attempts to overcome his fear of dragons and write adventure stories in the style of Cressida Cowell.

In History we will be exploring how Britain has been invaded by Saxons, Vikings and Normans and how these cultures have influenced this country. In Geography, we shall be studying the map of Europe and its geographical features.

In STEM we will be working as engineers, researching Viking boat designs and building and testing model boats. We shall also be taking part in some engineering workshops at the Ben Ainsley centre.

In music, we will be singing songs about the Viking Gods and learning how to play the ukulele. In French we shall be learning numbers to 40, greetings and learning songs in French. To promote the children’s experience of cookery, we will be visiting the fish market in Old Portsmouth and then cooking our very own ‘delicious’ fish recipes.

In our Science and DT lessons, we will be studying  ‘electricity’ and then designing and building our very own electrically powered models for a Christmas toy shop display. In ICT we will be improving our word processing skills when presenting information using word, PowerPoint or ShadowPuppet.

Photography is our Art focus, looking at perspective. But we shall also be improving our sketching skills when drawing still life. In PSHCE our three topics are: Dealing with Conflict, Falling out and Making Up, Peer Pressure.

As part of our PE curriculum we will be developing our agility, balance and coordination by using our personal and social skills. We also have the opportunity to develop our dance skills through learning to improvise movement to music.

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday so please ensure your child has their kit in school.

Homework will be some weekly spellings, times tables practice, daily reading and a choice of topic challenges. Homework will be given out every Monday so please ensure your child brings their homework journal into school that day.

The Year 4 Team