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Flying Bull

Year 2

Autumn Term 2018

'Dungeons and Dragons'

Welcome back Year 2! We are looking forward to starting our thrilling Dungeons and Dragons topic this term, when will be finding out all about castles and traditional tales.

This half term we will be visiting Arundel Castle, exploring the grounds and imagining what life would be like for the knights who would have had to protect it. Just before the half-term break we will be having our own medieval banquet, which will include making our own bread. A letter for our castle trip will be sent out soon.

This term, we will be writing some of our very own traditional tales set in castles; using our descriptive skills to make our writing more imaginative. We will also explore the geography of castles in the United Kingdom, finding them on maps and learning about the different counties of the UK.  We will also find out about daily life in castles. How does the life of a Flying Bull child compare with that of a young knight in medieval times?

As always, ERIC will continue this term every Thursday morning, when parents are encouraged to read in class with their child. We look forward to seeing you then!

David Griffiths and Anna Shaw

Summer Term 2018

'Emergency Services'

This term Year 2 will be learning all about the emergency services. We have already had a visit from the fire brigade, and will have local police officers visit our classes. We are also learning about the Great Fire of London - we have even recreated the Great Fire right here in Buckland! We are also reading the Firework Maker’s Daughter in class, and are learning about how to prevent fires from occurring.

Later in the term we will be travelling to the Isle of Wight, and learning about the other emergency services, including the coastguard. We will also be designing and making our own emergency vehicles.

We will also learn how to use evidence to find out about the past, and begin to empathise with people who work in the emergency services. Following on from this, we will be looking at personal health and well-being, specifically keeping ourselves safe and using the emergency services. We will also explore how people prevent sickness and how we care for ourselves.

Spring Term 2018

'Swingin' Sixties'

The new year promises to be an exciting one for Year 2 as we learn about the 'Swinging Sixties'.

Over the next term, we will be asking questions of the past: Was the 1960s a great time to live?! Who was the best band? What did people wear? And why are people still so excited about this period of history? We would really like to get parents or grandparents in to help answer some of these questions. If you would be interested in coming into class to share your experiences of the sixties, please let us know!

During the topic, we will be immersing ourselves in sixties music. We will experience this period through various media, using videos, books and the Internet to go back in time. We will learn about sixties fashion, and we will even create our own sixties food. Our learning will culminate in a fabulous festival, celebrating all things to do with the sixties. It will feature our own sixties creations, so watch our website carefully for updates on this exciting event!

Mr Griffiths and Dr Hallett

P.S. Thank you to those parents that have been reading lots with your children at home, completing learning log tasks, and accessing Bug Club regularly. Your support at home is invaluable in ensuring your child’s progress.