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Flying Bull

Year 1

Autumn Term 2019

Heroes and Villains of the Sea

Welcome to Year One!

We have an exciting year ahead of us, with plenty of opportunities for pupils to lead their own learning through a discovery-based approach, promoting greater independence and a love of learning. We also have several exciting trips designed to bring the curriculum to life in other settings.

Our topic this term is ‘Heroes and Villains of the Sea’. We will be looking at the history of great sea heroes including Nelson and the history of the Royal Navy.

In Writing, we will be learning about sentence structure, punctuation and the use of descriptive language as we explore the story of Peter Pan and the Neverland Pirates – moving on to fun fact files about Nelson after half term.

We’ll be continuing with our Phonics learning and practising blending sounds to read words accurately in Reading, where we’re also becoming ‘book detectives’ as we explore different types of text.

In Maths, we’ll be beginning an exciting programme called Maths No Problem, which will help children to develop their basic understanding of number.

Our Computing programme of study will see pupils becoming computer programmers as we look at instructions and algorithms, and we’ll also become designers this term as we design, make, test and evaluate our own pirate ships in Science and Design & Technology.

We have some exciting trips planned this term! As part of our Art curriculum, we will be heading to Eastney Beach to create nature art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We’ll also be visiting various attractions at Portsmouth Dockyard, linked to our learning about ‘The Great Sea Heroes’ in History. As Christmas approaches, we will be involved in leading our own Christingle service at All Saints Church. We have also been given the opportunity of attending a Victorian Christmas event at Fort Nelson, a fun and interactive trip which will prepare us for our Victorians topic in the Spring Term.

In PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economics) and ROB (Respecting Others’ Beliefs) we will be looking at belonging, being with others and Krishna’s birthday, followed by Christmas and the Christingle service towards the end of term.

Finally, in our Music lessons, we will be learning to play the recorder with a specialist teacher from Portsmouth music service.

We will be inviting parents and carers in to show off our learning throughout the term, and we would love to see parents and carers joining us on Thursday mornings for ERIC (everyone reading in class). Thank you in advance for your support in your children’s learning, and for reading with your children at home.

Mrs Nair, Mrs Darbyshire and Mrs Krycler (Class teachers)

Mrs Gray (Reading teacher)

Summer Term 2019

Jaws, Paws and Claws

It’s the final term and what a term we have in store!

Our topic this term is all about Jaws, Paws and Claws. From the developed human to all creatures great and small, this topic will be full of the weird and wonderful creatures.

We will be focussing on creating fact files and information booklets based on animals from all over the world. Through the use of ICT, books and writing, we will develop skills to inform and persuade and even make up amazing stories– exciting stuff! We will also be using animals to collect data, measurements and amounts in our maths lessons.

We will be going on a trip to the zoo as well as having a real life bug man visit us in school with a collection of interesting creepy crawlies.

As well as finding out about all creatures great and small, the children will be developing a showcase of activities in Discovery Time that will be presented to parents on the 21st of May from 2-3pm. This should not be missed! We will incorporate songs from ‘Jungle Book’ to fit our Jaws Paws and Claws topic. We will also do a Victorian journey through our History lessons and a Charles Dickens birthplace visit. Learning to play recorders will be making a welcome return and you can look forward to the children’s performance at the end of the summer term. We would appreciate if you could provide your child with an animal costume for an animal Tea Party in the second half of summer.

Join us on our journey by helping your child as much as you can at home, especially with Phonics as we have the Phonics Assessments coming up in June.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Year One!