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Year 1

Summer 2022

First and foremost, all the staff in Year 1 would like to extend a huge, warm welcome back to you! We are really looking forward to an exciting Summer term where the children will be able to get stuck in to learning new skills that will consolidate and deepen their learning journey.

In our English sessions, we will be focussing on creating stories with imaginary settings, stories that mimic significant authors, poems that use pattern, rhyme and description, instructions and recounts.

In Maths will be looking at addition and subtraction word problems, multiplication, division, fractions and deepening their understanding of number (working with numbers to 100).

We will be learning a range of skills in History such as understanding chronology through timelines, and covering main events such as Queen Elizabeth II and Rosa Parks. In Geography, we will be looking at the location and physical and features within the climate and Australia.

 In Science will be focussing on learning about different types of animals and carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We will also be developing our scientific inquiry skills when taking part in practical investigations throughout the term.

This term, our PE days will be Thursday and Fridays. For indoor session,  PE Champions units will be based around coordination with equipment. During out outdoor PE session, we will be learning about ball skills and cooperation.  


We look forward to a successful Summer term filled with learning and discovery.


The Year One Team


Spring 2022

We would like to begin by praising our wonderful children for the way they have returned, well rested and ready to learn. Thank you to our parents and carers for continuing to support your children’s learning. Please continue to read with your child as often as possible, it really does make such a difference.

We are very excited about our overarching topic in English, which is ‘Dinosaurs’. We will be reading books about dinosaurs, including ‘Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs’ using the texts to inspire our writing. We will also be learning and writing about different types of dinosaurs and travelling back to the past with Andy in his dinosaur adventures time machine!

We’ll be continuing with our phonics learning and practising blending sounds to read words accurately. We will be introducing a new phonics scheme this term which will enhance the learning of phonics in school and at home.

In Maths, we’ll be looking further at addition, subtraction and shape, allowing children to put into practise the methods that they have been taught so far. We will also be learning about measure and practising mastering number bonds to 10, then 20.

In Science, children will begin to learn about the position of the earth within space. We will have fun pretending to be planets! We will also be learning about sounds and hearing.

We will be learning a range of skills in History, such as understanding chronology through timelines, and covering events such as Queen Victoria’s reign and the moon landing. In Geography we will be looking at the location and physical and human features of continents and oceans.

For our Champions PE, our indoor unit will be ‘Groovy Gymnastics’ and our outdoor unit will be ‘Skip to the Beat’.

For LIFE (formally known as PSHCE) we will be focusing on friendships and how we belong in a class and community.

The Year 1 Team are looking forward to a wonderful term of learning and sharing.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Remember you can contact us with questions or queries at:


Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year One!

We have an exciting year ahead of us, with plenty of opportunities for pupils to lead their own learning through a discovery-based approach, promoting greater independence and a love of learning. We also have several exciting learning opportunities designed to bring the curriculum to life and to stimulate children’s natural curiosity.

In writing, we will be learning how to structure a sentence using correct punctuation and write for a variety of purposes. We will be developing the use of descriptive language, using adjectives, as we explore the story of Peter Pan and the Neverland Pirates, Barry and the fish with ten fingers and other traditional stories. These stories will lend themselves to looking at the sequencing of stories, developing story characters, describing story settings and also moving on to poetry, instructional writing and letters to Santa.

We’ll be continuing with our phonics learning and practising of phase 2,3,4 and 5 phonemes and blending sounds to read words accurately during guided reading. We will be learning to spell key words and practice sounding phonetically regular words. Children will be developing and practising their personalised reading skills in their guided reading sessions.

In mathematics, we’ll be beginning an exciting programme called Maths: No Problem, which will help children to develop their basic understanding of number, place value, shapes, fractions, measure etc.

Our computing programme of study will see pupils becoming computer programmers as we look at instructions and algorithms, and we’ll also become designers this term as we design, make, test and evaluate our own boats in science and design & technology.

As part of our art curriculum, we will be creating our own pieces of artwork inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe and using nature in our playground and environmental area to create nature art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. As Christmas approaches, we will be involved in leading our own Christingle service at All Saints Church. But if we are unable to do this, we will have our own celebrations in school. 

For geography, the children will be learning to use atlases, maps and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries. We will look at London and the physical and human features of it, as well as the diversity within the city, comparing this to Portsmouth.

For history, will be looking at Portsmouth’s naval history, linked with the Battle of Trafalgar. The children will use timelines and order events in history and describe important historical events of the past.

In science we will be learning about different materials and their properties, applying this to make boats that will fit specific criteria. We will also be looking at understanding animals and humans.

In LIFE (L: Living in the wider world I: Interpersonal relationships F: Fitness, health and wellbeing E: Economics and enterprise) and ROB (Respecting Others’ Beliefs) we will be looking at belonging, being with others and Krishna’s birthday, followed by the Christingle towards the end of term, ending with Christmas.

Finally, in our Music lessons, we will be using Charanga software to follow a series of fun and interactive lessons.

Unfortunately, we are unable to go on any trip this term due to the current climate, but we hope to do so come the Spring term. 

Thank you in advance for your support in your children’s learning, and for reading with your children at home.
If you need to contact a member of the team, please use the year group email address

Mrs Nair, Mrs Gray and Mrs Krycler