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Flying Bull

Year 1

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. We miss you lots, especially your smiling faces!


Here are some suggestions of things you could be doing whilst at home...



SILLY SENTENCES - write silly sentences or write using these words... 

custard, wobbly, cow, letter, peanut, jelly, smelly, pink, elephant, box, crayon, jumped, ran, drank, swims

E.g. The wobbly cow drank the pink custard.

Remember your capital letter, finger spaces and full stop! You can even think of your own silly words. What's the silliest sentence you can think of?



NUMBER BONDS - How many ways can you add up to 10? Have a go and write it down.

ADDITION - roll a dice to create your first number. Roll again to create your second number. Add the two numbers together. To make it trickier, roll two dice each time!

SUBTRACTION - Start from 10 or 20 and use a dice to generate a number to take away from 10 or 20. Roll the dice again and take away from your last answer. How close to 0 can you get?



We did a lot of work together about the Vicorians and also about dinosaurs. How much can you remember? Create 2 posters to show how much you know! One for Victorians and one for dinosaurs. Remember, you can use Google to search and add any new facts too!

Who is in your family? Can you create a family tree?



Can you find 3 things in your house that you could draw? Have a go at using a pencil to sketch them. Then have a go using crayons and/or paints.

Find a mirror and draw yourself!



Some of your pencil cases have holes in them! Can you design your very own pencil case? What would it look like? What could it hold? What would make it super strong? Is there something special that it could do?