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Where in the World Focus Day – 16/10/15

Where in the World

Each year group hosted activities for a different country in the world. The day started off with all children being issued with a passport which they had to stamp when they visited the different year groups throughout the day. These included: Australia, Poland, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Romania and Thailand. All children across the school learnt how to say a greeting in each of the countries and had an opportunity to taste their cuisine.

Our Nursery children hosted Australia where they learnt rhymes and made a Vegemite toast snack. They also drew aboriginal patterns in chalk.

Reception children created a Polish flag using collage materials. They also learnt the story about how Poland got its name. In addition to this, they heard traditional songs sung in Polish as they were completing their work.

Year 1 learnt how to write ‘Hello’ and ‘My name is…’ in Chinese. They produced exceptional pieces of work. Later, they were able to sample some vegetable spring rolls. Most of the children thought they were delicious!

In Year 2, the children made Russian dolls using card which fitted into each other. They also learnt a Russian dance and found out fun facts about Russia.

Year 3 created their own Rangoli patterns from Bangladesh using dyed sago of various colours. Children worked collaboratively to create these eye catching patterns.

Whilst Year 4 produced intricately decorated tribal masks using nothing but dots and stripes through the medium of paint. They also made Puff Puff (a Nigerian dessert) which was kindly supported by one of our parents.

Year 5 whose focus was Romania, made an amazing castle out of individual pieces of paper from each child which they personalised and constructed in the Key Stage 2 courtyard.

Year 6, whose focus was Thailand, made a mouth-watering Green Thai Curry. They didn’t hold back on the spices!!!!


The children had a wonderful day and had a deeper insight of these different countries across the world. They all enjoyed learning something about different cultures and traditions.  It was lovely to see our children from other cultural backgrounds contributing within their classes.