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The Alternative Provision for SEMH

The Alternative Provision for SEMH


Autumn Term 2019

All About Me

How exciting has it been getting to know each other so far this term? We have learned incredible amounts in our ‘All about me’ topic and in lots of varied ways. We used a game of ‘likes and dislikes bingo to find out who had things in common with each other – this helped start conversation and develop friendships.

Woodland walks have shown us the importance of listening and being safe outside the school environment and expand our knowledge of the town we live in. When thinking about being respectful to each other we have had some fun developing our drama skills to act out the right way and the wrong way to respond in a situation.

In P.E we continue to enhance our team building skills and practice the value of taking part whether you win or lose.

Maths has been great – we are presenting our work beautifully, working together and independently. We have focused on place value, time, addition and subtraction so far.

Things we have to look forward too... Christmas is coming, so we have a fabulous parent and child craft day to enjoy, a performance you won’t forget and of course we will be learning about the importance of giving and respecting each other’s values at Christmas.

Summer Term 2019

The World of the Dinosaurs

‘For our final term of this academic year we are heading back millions of years to study the World of the Dinosaurs for our Topic. We will be looking at the different types of dinosaurs and what their world would be like. We will be studying the various types of dinosaurs and what the three time periods they would have come from. Not only that, but we will be cooking up some Dinosaur related foods and producing some Dino inspired Art projects.

From the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous to the land of Fairy Tales for our English lessons. We will be studying a wide variety of different stories and looking at the language and the structure of them with the aim being that the children will be able to create their very own fairy tale!

We are looking at our Woodland walks being involved in the work with our English and being creative with our locations. We are planning a trip to Moors Valley Country Park and taking a walk around their new Fairy Tale trail to help inspire our writers.

And finally, with it being the Summer Term, we are working with the topic of ‘Change’ in our Social and Emotional sessions. For all of the children, there will be lots of things changing around them and involving them within the setting and we feel that preparation for this change is one of the most important activities of the term.