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Flying Bull

The Alternative Provision for SEMH

Summer Term 2021

Field to Fork - Summer 1

Our learning for the first part of the Summer term will be based around how our foods get from the fields to our forks.

We will begin with some poetry relating to nature. We will read, perform and write poems based on how things grow and what we find in our natural environment. After this we will engage with stories and information texts which focus on growing, farms and farming. We will also be enjoying the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a whole class. We will continue to read every day and develop phonic knowledge and other reading strategies.

This half term’s Maths work will focus on the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The work we cover will sometimes be linked to our wider learning to think about time and use skills related to measure and statistics.

Throughout this half term we will be continuing to work on the previous terms work to further develop scientific skills and knowledge relating to plants and animals. Our art topic also links to our topic as we look at the work of artists who use food as a basis for their art. Our online identities and how to stay safe online will be the focus of our computing sessions.

Social, emotional and mental health needs are our priority. Children will have opportunities everyday through nurture and circle time activities to build on their existing skills and develop further strategies to develop self-regulation, motivation and communication skills needed to tackle every day activities.

Our PE sessions are on Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (outside). Please make sure that children wear suitable clothing on these days so they can take part.

The Provision team thank you for your continued support. If you have any issues you wish to discuss then please use the Provision email to contact a member of the team: 

Spring Term 2021

Amazing Places and Spaces in the UK - Spring 2

Our learning for the second part of the Spring term will be based around the four countries of the United Kingdom.

We will start by exploring the book Flat Stanley and then take him on a tour of the UK. We will use our geography skills to look at maps, locating England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island and learning more about these places. We will hear stories and poems from the four countries and use our English skills to read and write about great monuments, sculptures and buildings and maybe a few dragons too! We will of course continue to read every day and develop phonic knowledge and other reading strategies.

Our Maths work will sometimes be linked to our wider learning and use skills related to measure and statistics however, we will continue to work towards mastering understanding of place value and the four operations.

Throughout this half term there will be lots of opportunities to develop scientific skills and knowledge as we discover different plants and wildlife common to the UK and use design technology and art as we present and explain our learning to others.

As always our focus on children’s social, emotional and mental health needs will be woven throughout our daily activities to enable children to better understanding how to develop self regulation, motivation and communication skills to tackle every day activities. They will have opportunities everyday through nurture and circle time activities to build on these skills and develop further strategies.

Our PE sessions are on Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (outside). Please make sure that children wear suitable clothing on these days so they can take part.

The Provision team thank you for your continued support. If you have any issues you wish to discuss then please use the Provision email to contact a member of the team: 

Spring 1

Welcome to Spring 1 at Flying Bull Academy Alternative Provision. We will be learning new things this term using class based learning and our remote learning platform Seesaw. The children’s topic this term is based around famous inventors and the amazing creations they have formed and how we use them now in our everyday lives. As well as learning about famous historical inventors, we will be exploring some short fictional stories linked to inventions and familiarising ourselves with the ideas and creations the characters in the tales have created.


We start off our new term learning about the two fictional inventors, Wallace and Gromit, and some of their creative designs. The children will develop their language skills through discussion and learn about sentence structure by adding labels and captions to their inventions. The children will also learn to write a short biography.


Staff will read with your child every day and encourage them to access their Bug Club and Accelerated Reader accounts to continue engaging reading in using technological platforms. We will continue to develop Provision children’s phonics knowledge through our daily phonics lessons, using a mix of outdoor, technology and sensory based activities.

We encourage you to read with or to your child each day at home for 10 or 15 minutes and talk about the story or book with your child. Perhaps you could ask them what their favourite part was and why and where the story is based and what happened throughout the book.

Science and Design and Technology

As we learn about famous inventors we will be exploring and learning about how some of the technology they invented works in greater depth. In Science lessons the pupils will use wires and batteries to create simple circuits, powering a motor and lighting a bulb. In Design and Technology lessons, students will creatively design and use junk modeling materials to make their own inventions for use around the home. When learning about the work of Alexander Bell, the students will create their own cup and string telephones, learning about how the sound of a voice travels and vibrates down the string when they speak, so the person at the other end can hear them.


We will continue to teach differentiated Maths lessons to suit your child’s needs. In spring 1 we will be looking at place value, the value of hundreds tens and ones before moving on to applying that knowledge to solve subtraction, multiplication and division problems. During the last week of term, the children will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Students will use a mixture of concrete materials, technology and games to develop their mathematical skills throughout the term.


During these difficult times our children’s mental health and well-being are paramount.  This is why we continue to have daily circle time and nurture lessons that run alongside fun activities and experiences which will support the children to develop strategies to help them communicate and deal with their emotions. We will be focusing on worry, stress, bullying and feeling excited. The children will be exploring different ways they can stay calm at school and in their home lives; with a significant emphasis on how things have changed at home and at school. Staff will use art, craft and class discussions to support the children with their emotional and mental health needs.

Have an exciting and safe Spring 1

Alternative Provision team

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn 2

Welcome back to the Alternative Provision for Autumn 2 where we are going to learn all about the Great Fire of London. Through English we will learn about where and how the fire started, how the fire was recounted at the time and how the fire affected changes on how the fire service and buildings were rebuilt after it happened. In History we will learn about plagues and focus on the life and work of Florence Nightingale. The children will also have opportunities to make and try some herbal medicines that Florence Nightingale may have used on the wounded soldiers.

In Maths we will focus on multiplication and division, learning our times tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 as well as their corresponding division facts. The children will be applying this knowledge to solve problems and complete activities on TT rock stars and their Kumon cards (recalling times tables on cards with an adult in class).

During phonics the children will divide into two groups. One group, our more experienced phonic learners, will be working on the No Nonsense Spelling programme while the novices learn to use and apply phase 3 phonics for reading and writing words and sentences.

In Science we will be learning about the teeth in humans and animals, naming different types of teeth, their uses and the reasons why they are in particular areas of the mouth. We will also learn how to keep our teeth clean and healthy.

In PE the children will be practising and enhancing their running in our ‘Mighty Movers’ topic and coming up with their own dance for our ‘African Dance’ topic.

We will continue to have daily reading sessions, where the children will read one to one with staff in class and we will continue to use Bug club to further engage and develop our young learners reading skills. Please read with your child each day at home for 10 or 15 minutes and ask questions about who is in the story, where it is set and what is happening as they read through the text.

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn 1

The children of Alternative Provision have all enjoyed being back at school after the summer break and we have also welcomed a few new faces to the class, whilst saying goodbye to others as they transition to mainstream classes. It has been a real success story of the Alternative Provision team to see the children arrive at school each day with so many smiles on their faces and sharing their news with members of the team.


Our curriculum this first half term will be focused on assessing the children’s English and maths skills. Members of the team will be looking at how well children of the Provision respond to writing, reading and maths activities through an exciting curriculum. In English we will be investigating and learning about non-fiction topics The Titanic, dinosaurs and the history of graffiti. During our graffiti topic we will be having some art lessons with local graffiti artists, introducing new styles of art work to the children. We will be looking at learning, retelling and writing our own stories based on books we read in class and traditional tales with a twist. During Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Christmas we will also be exploring poetry and looking to incorporate other elements of performing art into our work, including painting, clay modelling, role play and dance. We will also be asking current and future members of the Alternative Provision class about any particular topics or areas of learning that may interest them and which we can plan as a topic or area of learning.

Alongside our curriculum topics Alternative Provision class children will also be participating in weekly PE lessons, library sessions and computer hub learning. We intend all our lessons and learning experiences to be as visual and sensory based as possible to enable the best possible outcomes from all our learners.

Key workers

All children in the class will have a key worker who will complete weekly PSHE based activities with a child on a 1 to 1 basis. Games, activities, puzzles and one to one conversations will take place to help support learning and management of feelings and behaviour during the children’s time in the provision.

Most importantly, on behalf of all staff members in the Alternative Provision, we wish the children to arrive in our classroom and enjoy positive learning experiences that will help support their learning and personal needs and move forward to rejoining their age related peers in a mainstream setting.

Provision staff

Mr Petrie - Alternative Provision Class Teacher

Mrs Wilkie – Provision Team Leader

Miss Pack - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs Evans - Pupil Support Worker

Mrs McBride - Pupil Support Worker

Miss Greentree - Pupil Support Worker

Miss Chandler – Teaching Assistant

Autumn Term 2019

All About Me

How exciting has it been getting to know each other so far this term? We have learned incredible amounts in our ‘All about me’ topic and in lots of varied ways. We used a game of ‘likes and dislikes bingo to find out who had things in common with each other – this helped start conversation and develop friendships.

Woodland walks have shown us the importance of listening and being safe outside the school environment and expand our knowledge of the town we live in. When thinking about being respectful to each other we have had some fun developing our drama skills to act out the right way and the wrong way to respond in a situation.

In P.E we continue to enhance our team building skills and practice the value of taking part whether you win or lose.

Maths has been great – we are presenting our work beautifully, working together and independently. We have focused on place value, time, addition and subtraction so far.

Things we have to look forward too... Christmas is coming, so we have a fabulous parent and child craft day to enjoy, a performance you won’t forget and of course we will be learning about the importance of giving and respecting each other’s values at Christmas.

Summer Term 2019

The World of the Dinosaurs

‘For our final term of this academic year we are heading back millions of years to study the World of the Dinosaurs for our Topic. We will be looking at the different types of dinosaurs and what their world would be like. We will be studying the various types of dinosaurs and what the three time periods they would have come from. Not only that, but we will be cooking up some Dinosaur related foods and producing some Dino inspired Art projects.

From the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous to the land of Fairy Tales for our English lessons. We will be studying a wide variety of different stories and looking at the language and the structure of them with the aim being that the children will be able to create their very own fairy tale!

We are looking at our Woodland walks being involved in the work with our English and being creative with our locations. We are planning a trip to Moors Valley Country Park and taking a walk around their new Fairy Tale trail to help inspire our writers.

And finally, with it being the Summer Term, we are working with the topic of ‘Change’ in our Social and Emotional sessions. For all of the children, there will be lots of things changing around them and involving them within the setting and we feel that preparation for this change is one of the most important activities of the term.