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Flying Bull

Team Challenge Day - 25/05/17

In KS1, children were put into teams and throughout the day, participated in a variety of team challenges which encouraged the children to think about the meaning and importance of ‘team’ and how, when working together to accomplish a task or challenge, it is important to be able to encourage, listen, consider, help and connect positively with those around you.

Both Year 1 and Year 2 took part in an egg drop challenge, which meant choosing a suitable material to wrap an egg in order to protect it from smashing when dropped from the school roof. A huge thanks to Mr Robinson and Mr Williams for clambering up on the roof, all for the sake of science and team!

Year 2 also had an 8 challenge carousel which included challenges from building the tallest tower and creating puzzles to completing an obstacle course whilst in reception, they enjoyed a day of outside team challenges, volley ball and an amazing scavenger hunt.

In KS2, children were asked to create team names, mottos, chants and shields which promoted teamwork values.

Amongst Year 3 and 4, there was a mix of ‘getting to know you’ games, making a volcano and some problem solving tasks including ‘crossing a river’, ‘lava on the floor’ and some other blindfolded activities. In depth discussions took place to challenge each other about what things stop a team from doing a task well and children were able to think deeply about how team work could be improved and advanced in the school.

Within Year 5 and 6, children played timed team games, PE focused challenges, took part in obstacle courses and took opportunities to show support to each other throughout the day. Year 5 also had the opportunity to visit the Royal Marine Museum where they took part in an assault course and other vigorous team challenges.

All in all, the sun shone, the children thrived and yet once again, proved to everyone how amazing they are at team work whilst promoting it in all the activities they took part in, making all the staff here at FBA extremely proud!