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Flying Bull

Sports Premium

At the Flying Bull Academy we are committed to raising the participation levels for our children in sporting and extra-curricular activities. Last year 39% (43% Pupil Premium) of children in Key Stage 1 were involved with extra curricular activities and 71% (71% Pupil Premium) of children in Key Stage 2. Our other priorities are encouraging greater activity levels through a quality PE curriculum (which is taught by well-trained teachers) and through an engaging play environment.

Our use of the sports premium money for the Academic Year 2018/19 reflects this commitment (see below), while looking to offer a range of sporting activities to engage as many children across the academy as possible, as well as develop the skill sets of staff to deliver the best PE provision possible.

To see the summary (including intended impact) of the sports premium budget for 2019/20 click here or see the bottom of this page.


We allocated funding to the following areas for the academic year 2018/19 (impact explained in the Sports Premium Spend 2018-19 document below):

  • A Sports Service Level Agreement with Portsmouth City Council – This provides a range of quality professional development opportunities for staff, access to tournaments and competitions for children to enter in a range of sports and strategic support in providing sporting opportunities in school.  Cost - £4800
  • A morning sports club every week – This is provided free of charge to children and was run by Mr. Povey and Mr. Dale. This club engaged children in physical activity before school once a week.  Total cost - £600
  • Cheerleading Club – A term of cheerleading that led to a competition at the end of the term. These sessions were provided free of charge to children.  Cost - £25 per session. (Total cost - £200)
  • Football club to Years 1, 2 & 3 - Two specialist coaches from Chelsea Football Club delivered a weekly after-school football club free of charge to the children. Cost - £70 per session. (Total cost - £840)
  • Sports Resources – Money was spent on sports resources as we renewed a range of equipment from footballs to basketball posts. Cost - £4405
  • Rental of external screens - We rent screens which are situated in the playground to encourage children to follow the dance/activities during school break and lunchtimes.   Cost - £8856
  • Maintenance and Repair of PE Equipment - Cost - £580


Achievement in Swimming for current Year 6 cohort (2019/2020)

  1. swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres - 44/60 children
  2. use a range of strokes effectively - 39/60 children
  3. perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations - 28/60 children