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Flying Bull


Summer 2021

Bears - Summer 2

Welcome back to our final half term in Year R. We cannot believe how quickly the school year is going! This half term our topic is ‘Bears’. We will be reading lots of stories about famous bears as well as learning about real bears in their natural habitat. We will be focusing on letter writing this half term and we will be corresponding with a very special fictional bear. Can you guess who it might be? We are also hoping to go on a teddy bear’s picnic later in the term. In maths we will be consolidating our number work ready for Year 1 learning.

We will of course be focusing lots of our time on transition activities to ensure that your child is ready for the move to Year 1 in September. We hope you and your child had a fabulous half term break and we are really looking forward to getting started with our learning.

As always, if you have any questions please do email us via the Year R email address 


Up, Up and Away - Summer 1

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a restful Easter break. This half term our Reception classes will be going 'Up, Up and Away' as we embark on our brand new topic for Summer term. The children will take on the roles of adventurers and explorers as we travel the world finding out about different cultures, traditions and communities. During our travels we will be investigating various modes of transport from hot air balloons to boats and aircraft. 


In Phonics we will begin to find out about trigraphs as well as consolidating our previous learning of graphemes and digraphs. In English our focus will be stories from around the world as well as writing simple sentences and instructions. In Maths we will be concentrating on developing our understanding of numbers with a particular focus on number bonds to and of 10.


We will be investigating floating and sinking as part of our adventures across the sea and the children will also be exploring materials as we search for the perfect matter to build our boats. 


We are so looking forward to getting started! If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of your child's learning this half term, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Barker or Miss Churchill via the Year R email address 

Spring Term 2021

Lifecycles - Spring 2


We hope you enjoyed a restful half term break and are ready to get started on our brand new topic ‘Lifecycles’. We understand that the last half term was, at times, tricky with online learning and home schooling. We hope that our weekly phone calls and online lessons have provided you with the support that you need to help your child make progress.

Thank you to everyone for your support and engagement at this time. We have been over-whelmed with the engagement on Tapestry and Mrs Barker and I have loved seeing your home learning. An amazing effort by all!

This half term we will be focusing on lifecycles (frogs, chicks, butterflies and more). In English we will be continuing to support the children in reading and writing simple sentences as well as exploring information texts. In maths we plan to look at addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and number fluency to 20. As part of our topic, the children will be investigating growth and change.

We will continue to keep mindfulness and wellbeing sessions at the heart of our Year R curriculum to further support the children through lockdown.

If you have any questions about your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Year R email address . We are always happy to answer your questions.

Creatures - Spring 1

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a fantastic festive break and are feeling rested and ready for 2021. The Reception team cannot wait to get started on our new topic ‘Creatures’. This half term we will be learning all about different animals and how to look after them. We will also be inviting some special visitors into class so we can have a closer look! 

In literacy, we will be continuing with our work on reading and writing words and sentences. Please ensure you are reading with your child as often as possible at home to help support their ongoing progress. In maths we will be focusing on subtraction as well as capacity and weight. 

Don’t forget to login to Tapestry to see observations of your child’s learning. You can also complete home challenges via Tapestry and upload your own pictures and descriptions of things you get up to at home! 

As always Miss Churchill and Mrs Barker are available to answer any questions via our Year R email address . 

Autumn Term 2020

Space and Christmas - Autumn 2

Welcome back to a new half term in Year R. We hope you and the children had a restful break and they are feeling refreshed and ready for learning. The Year R team are super excited to get started on our first mini topic this half term which is centred around Space. We will be exploring the solar system and using this to inform our reading, writing and number work. Listen out for our Space song in the next few weeks! 

Our second topic this half term is all about Christmas. The children will be learning about the Nativity story and each class will be putting on a special virtual performance during the last week of term. We will provide you with details soon.

As usual we will strive to make the children's learning as exciting as possible. There will be opportunities for learning both indoors and outdoors and a mixture of adult directed and child led leaning.

Don’t forget you can access your child’s Learning Journey via the Tapestry app and you can add your own observations from home. If you require any support with this, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

We can't wait to get started! 

Miss Churchill and Mrs Barker are available to answer any questions via our Year R email address


Fairy Tales - Autumn 1

Welcome to all our new starters in Year R. We are so excited to finally meet you all and show you around your new classrooms. We plan to have lots of fun in Reception and we can’t wait to get started. This half term our focus will be settling the children into school life and ensuring that they all have a smooth transition into Year R.

Our topic this half term is ‘Fairy Tales’ and we will be exploring some favourites as well as some lesser known fairy tales. You can support your child at home by reading fairy tales and talking about them together. We will also be starting our phonics programme and your child will begin learning all about letters and their corresponding sounds. We will be practising forming letters in fun and imaginative ways. Look out for this on Tapestry! We will also be starting number work and will be using the Number Blocks series to explore numbers further.

Miss Churchill and Mrs Barker are available to answer any questions via our Year R email address


Summer Term (2) 2020

Bubbles and Bears - Summer 2

Our first and most important focus this half term will be the smooth transitioning of our children back into Year R through our ‘Bubbles’ topic. The main foci of this relaxing and calming theme will be around personal, social and emotional development and allowing the children opportunities to make sense of their experiences during lock down. Through role-play, carefully chosen continuous provision activities and circle times we will support the children as they make sense of recent events. All learning activities will be underpinned by the promotion and development of the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

An integral part of this topic will be investigating our new classroom settings and getting to know the new adults in class. We will also support the children in undertaking our new hygiene and social distancing practices in a manageable and child-friendly way. Moving on from this we will be exploring floating and sinking as well as the concepts of heavy and light. In English we will focus on bubble stories as we gently reintroduce and revise key concepts and learning from last term. Our aim is that all children will be comfortable in their new environment, confident and eager to experiment and explore.

As part of our ‘Bubbles’ topic we will:

- Explore our new settings and get to know our new adults (PSE)

- Investigate good practice around social distancing and hygiene in school (Health and Self-Care)

- Talk about our experiences of lock down / Corona Virus in a safe and open environment (Communication and Language)

- Experiment with real bubbles and make bubble wands (Understanding the World)

- Investigate floating and sinking (Understanding the World)

- Engage in Literacy work around ‘bubble’ stories (Literacy)

- Develop our imaginative play ‘If I were a bubble….’ (EA&D: Being Imaginative)

- Undertake bubble painting / art (EAD: Using Media and Materials)

- Make links to music and movement through the concept of floating (EAD: Using Media and Materials)

When we are satisfied that all children are fully engaged, settled and integrated back into their learning environment we will be using Paddington Bear as a stimulus for our Literacy and Numeracy work. The children will receive a letter from Paddington and will learn how to respond appropriately. They will be immersed in stories about Paddington Bear as well as investigating real life bears. In maths we will be focusing on number work and pattern spotting based around the same theme.


Spring Term (2) 2020

Lifecycles, Growth and Change - Spring 2

Welcome back to Spring 2 in Reception! Our focus this half term is 'Lifecycles, Growth and Change'. We will be encouraging the children to become scientists and observe the world around them closely. We will also be welcoming visitors into our class... look out for some special additions coming soon.

We will be developing our outside area and encouraging the children to help us tend to the garden and grow new plants. We are especially excited about our trip to Longdown Activity Farm towards the end of term. 

We can't wait to get started!

Spring Term (1) 2020

Creatures - Spring 1

Welcome back to Year R. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are very excited to launch our new 'Creatures' topic. This half term, the children will be investigating animals. We are very lucky to be able to welcome some interesting creatures into class this term. Our English focus will be on reading and writing sentences independently and in Maths we will be exploring weight, capacity and measure. 


Look out for our animal art work and our exciting new role-play area!

Autumn Term (2) 2019

Space - Autumn 2

Welcome back and we hope you had a restful half term holiday!

We can't wait to get started on our new 'Space' topic. We will begin by exploring the planets (listen out for our new song) and undertaking astronaut training in PE. In English, we will be focusing on stories about Space as well as word building for reading and writing. In Maths we will continue to explore numbers and counting. 

In the run up to Christmas, we will be preparing a special performance for you as well as learning about all things Christmassy! We look forward to sharing our learning with you! 

Autumn Term (1) 2019

Being Healthy - Autumn  1

Welcome to Reception!

We are really looking forward to working with your child this year and we can't wait to get started!

Our first topic is 'Being Healthy' and we will be learning about how to stay fit and how to look after ourselves. The children will have the opportunity to try different foods and create their own healthy shopping lists. We will also be taking the children on a trip to the woods where they can discover signs of Autumn whilst enjoying some fresh air and exercise! 

Look out for newsletters informing you of parent curriculum sessions! 

Summer Term (2) 2019

Bears - Summer 2

Welcome back to our last half term in Year R. How exciting! Our topic this term is 'Bears'. We will be investigating famous bears, making dens and heading out on a teddy bear's picnic. 

In English, our focus will be writing letters and postcards and we hope to take a trip to the post office to send out our mail! In Maths we will be solving number puzzles and challenging ourselves with word problems. We will also be revisiting our life cycle work as we watch caterpillars develop into butterflies.


Summer Term (1) 2019

Under the Sea - Summer 1

Welcome back to Year R. We hope you had a restful Easter break. This half term we will be enjoying some watery adventures as we embark on our new topic 'Under the Sea'. We look forward to exploring sea stories and songs as well as investigating floating and sinking. Look out for our sea creature inspired art work in class!

We are also really excited about our trip to Southsea Beach and the Sealife Centre.


Spring Term (2) 2019

Life Cycles - Spring 2

Welcome to Spring 2 in Year R! We hope you enjoyed a restful half term break and that the children are looking forward to returning to school.

In the run up to Easter we have some fantastic learning opportunities planned for the children in Year R. This kicks off with us welcoming into the world some hatchlings! The children will be responsible for looking after the chicks from eggs to birth and they will get to watch them hatch. Alongside this, we will be learning about the life cycles of various animals and writing about them. Later in March we will be going on a trip to a farm in the local area. In maths we will be looking at doubling, halving and sharing.

Spring Term (1) 2019

Creatures - Spring 1

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to Year R.

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing break and are ready for an exciting half term of learning! Our topic this half term is 'Creatures'. The children will be observing animals in their natural habitats as well as welcoming some furry friends to the classroom. We are really looking forward to welcoming a local vet into Year R to talk to the children about animal care and to introduce them to some different creatures. 

Our focus in English this term will be story writing and word/sentence building. In Maths we are going to be learning about addition and subtraction as well as capacity and measure. 

We are really excited to get started!