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Flying Bull

Our Staff

Acting Headteacher 

  • Mrs Viv Kies

Acting Deputy Headteacher and Senior Leader for Inclusion:

  • Mrs Megan Palamidas

Assistant Headteacher

  • Miss H Birks (Phase 3 Leader)

Consultant Headteacher

  • Carl McCarthy

Office Team

  • Mrs Carolynne Naughton (School Business Manager)
  • Miss Nicola Link (Administration Assistant) (SENDCO Administrative Support)
  • Mrs Lesley Wilson (SIMS Manager)
  • Mr Barry Hewett-Dale (Finance and Grant Assistant)

Pupil Support Worker for Attendance

  • Mr Luke Needham


  • Miss Vicky Lawry (Maths)


  • Mrs Kathryn Barker (ROB - Religious Education)
  • Mrs Kirsty Bates (Phase Leader) (English / Looked After Children)

Year 1

  • Mrs Claire Roberts (Music)
  • Mrs Giri Nair (English)

Year 2

  • Mrs Amy Foster (Phase Leader) (Mathematics)
  • Miss Rosanna Shaw (Geography / P4C)
  • Mrs Lucy Gray (Reading Specialist, Science KS1)

Year 3 

  • Mrs Jessica Graham (History) 
  • Mr Michael Shaw (Maths)
  • Mrs Vickie Earl (Maths) (On Maternity)

Year 4

  • Mrs Emma Darbyshire (LIFE)
  • Miss Jane Kova (MFL)

Year 5

  • Mr John Boulstridge (Design Technology)
  • Mr Luke Thomas (Science) 

Year 6

  • Miss Samantha Carter (Phase Leader) (English)
  • Mr Corey Burns (Physical Education)
  • Mrs Lucy Stapenhill (Art and Design)


  • Mrs Jackie Sandy (Geography)

Educational Psychologist

  • Ms Lauren Holmes supported by Ms Victoria Parker

Speech and Language Therapist

  • Mr Daniel Gibbons

Cover Supervisors

  • Miss Lacey Brain
  • Mrs Barbara Needham
  • Mrs Amy Griffiths

Teaching Assistants and One-one Support Workers

  • Miss Natalie Allen
  • Miss Bridie Anscombe
  • Miss Shannon Chearman
  • Mrs Teresa Chearman
  • Mrs Robbie Coles 
  • Mrs Joanne Collins
  • Mrs Karina Fletcher
  • Miss Danielle Geddes 
  • Mrs Laura Jackson-Cole
  • Mrs Alison Jones
  • Miss Claire Jones
  • Mrs Parvinder Kaur
  • Mrs Carla Lammas 
  • Mrs Liz Maplesden
  • Miss Naomi McIntyre
  • Mrs Lynne Metcalfe (Lead TA)
  • Miss Bethany Mustchin
  • Miss Keri Parker
  • Mrs Tracy Roberts
  • Miss Kerenza Robinson
  • Mrs Samantha Sloan
  • Miss Charlene Thomson 
  • Miss Charmaine Thomson
  • Miss Katie Wade
  • Miss Leanne Wheeler
  • Mrs Tracy Whitehouse
  • Mrs Lois Wilkes
  • Mrs Sarah Wisniak-Cole

Nursery Nurses

  • Miss Shirleyanne Blades
  • Miss Lauren Eaton
  • Mrs Melanie Hogg
  • Miss Shanice Reilander
  • Mrs Urzsula Weller

LAPS (Learning and Pastoral Support) Team

  • Mrs Berni Davies (LaPS Team Leader)
  • Mrs Tina Aris (Family Link Worker)
  • Mr Ben Dale (Learning Mentor)
  • Miss Joanne Jones (Learning Mentor)
  • Mr Daniel Povey (Learning Mentor)

The Inclusion Centre Team

  • Mrs Jackie Sandy (Class Teacher)
  • Mrs Evelynn Wilkie (Team Leader)
  • Mrs Donna Evans
  • Mr James Gray
  • Miss Jasmine Greentree (On Maternity)
  • Miss Sarah Pack
  • Miss Nicola Sutton (On Maternity)
  • Miss Charmaine Thomson
  • Miss Esther Chandler (Teaching Assistant to Mrs Sandy)


  • Mrs Karen Churchill

Out of Hours Team

  • Miss Bridie Anscombe (Flyers til Five)
  • Mrs Parvinder Kaur

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs Wendy Hood
  • Mrs Samina Tuli (On Maternity)
  • Mrs Shelley Urquhart
  • Miss Nicky Watkins

Site Manager

  • Mr Graham Thomson

Site Maintenance Assistant

  • Mr Neil Patterson

Cleaning Staff

  • Mrs Carole Gower
  • Miss Sarah Pack
  • Miss Charlene Thomson
  • Miss Charmaine Thomson
  • Miss Leanne Wheeler
  • Miss Melanie Bettle