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Flying Bull


Summer Term 2019

People Who Help Us

We will be using the theme of ‘People Who Help Us’ to introduce your child to different areas of learning.  The children will be finding out about a range of different jobs people do and how they help everybody.  They will also be dressing up and role playing different occupations.  If you would like to follow this up at home, here are a few ideas to try!

· Invite your child to help with safe cleaning jobs such as dusting. Encourage them to sort washing and pegging it out to dry.

· Visit the local library and look out for books about people who help us or Elmer the elephant.

· Tell stories about people who helped you when you were a child as well as those who help you now.

· As you walk outside, help your child to recognise people who help in the community such as police, ambulance drivers, shop assistants and so on.

· Help your child to recognise ambulances, fire engines and police cars.  Look out for people who deliver the post, refuse collectors and vehicles for carrying food.

· Help your child make a list of the jobs that they do in a week to be helpful. Stick the list up where your child can tick off the jobs as they are done.

We are hoping that one or two visitors will be coming to Nursery to talk to the children about the kind of work that they do.  So, if you know of anyone who can help us by coming in and talking to the children please contact Mrs Wiggins.

On Friday 24th May, we will be holding an ‘Elmer Day’ in the Nursery. All the activities will be based around the stories of Elmer the Elephant.

Elmer is a patchwork elephant who is made up of lots of different colours and as it is also non-uniform day we would like to ask if the children could dress up in bright colours for the day,


Thank you


Spring Term 2019

Pets and Wild Animals

Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a special welcome to all our new children and their families.

Nursery Open Day

Thank you to those of you that came to the open day in December. It was great that so many parents were able to make it. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I know the children loved having you here. We are hoping to have another one later in the year and will keep you posted.

Our themes this term are ‘Pets’ and ‘Wild Animals’.

The children will be finding out all about how to look after their pets and about the different categories of animals and where they live.  They will have the opportunity to handle and observe a number of small animals and we hope to visit a Pet store later this half term.  We will be having our own Pet Parlour in Nursery in which the children can role play buying, selling and looking after pets.  They will also be using story and information books about animals to support their learning.

The children will be introduced to ‘Makaton’, which is a form of signing words, so look out for them signing the names of different animals.

We would love for the children to talk to us about their pets and if they have any photos they could bring them along too!

As usual, there will be a ‘Homelinks’ leaflet about how to help your child at home.

We will be holding a session about how we support children with developing their Reading skills.  There will also be Parent/Carer open sessions the week before the Easter break for you to come along to.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies to or are afraid of any animals so that we can take the necessary steps to support them.


Autumn Term 2 2018


Our learning this half term is based around a ‘Festivals’ theme. We are using this theme to introduce your child to different areas of learning.

Your children will have the opportunity to learn about:

· different festivals and celebrations

· handling different materials

· asking questions, investigating and exploring

· enjoying rhymes, stories and talking.

If you would like to follow this up at home, here are a few ideas you might like to try.

· talk about your favourite festivals and celebrations

· talk about what you do and why you do it

· visit the library to find stories and rhymes about festivals

· visit a Firework or Festival of Light celebration

· use CBeebies website to find out about different festivals


Resource Requests:

· recyclable materials and packaging for junk modelling 

· magazines and leaflets for cutting up

· photos of the children taking part in a festival or celebration to share

· natural materials they find to talk about


We will also be holding a ‘Celebration Day’ of our own on Tuesday 11th of December, which you are all welcome to come along to.

Thank you

Autumn Term 1 2018

'Amazing Me'

Welcome back. We hope that you all had a wonderful summer.  We’d like to take the opportunity to welcome the new children that have started with us and hope they are enjoying their time here. We have had a large intake of new children this term and it will take some time for everybody to settle and for us to get into our usual Nursery routine. Please be patient with us at pick up times as it takes us a while to get the children ready.  We are still getting to know all of the parents/ carers and want to make sure that we match everyone up with the correct people!

Our learning this half term is based around an ‘Amazing Me’ theme. The children will be finding out what they can do and how amazing their bodies are. They will be learning about how to look after themselves and how to keep healthy.

We will also be looking at Autumn and how the environment around them changes. The children will be using our Environmental Area and going on walks to collect natural objects that they find. There will also be a ‘Dinosaur’ area, where the children can experiment with the concept of size.

If you would like to follow this up at home, here are a few ideas to try.

  • When your children get up in the morning and when they get ready for bed talk about the importance of washing, cleaning teeth and combing hair.
  • Visit a park and explore the way arms can be used to push, swing, throw and lift.
  • Draw attention to how useful parts of our bodies are. For example listen for traffic when crossing the road and how their eye lids protect their eyes.
  • Visit your local library and look at books about Autumn.
  • Point out Autumn colours in the trees and collect fallen leaves to bring into Nursery.

Your children will have the opportunity:

· To experience handling different materials

· To recognise seasonal changes

· To ask questions to investigate and explore

· To become more aware of the human body and the importance of different parts

· To learn how to keep healthy

Resource Requests:

·   Bring in any Autumn things that you find like leaves, cones and conkers etc.

·   Parcel bows, wrapping papers, wall papers and any interesting boxes and packaging for collage work.

·   Any old children’s dressing gowns or slippers etc for dressing up.

Just a reminder that we have a ‘Show and Tell’ session on Mondays when children can bring in objects from home and talk about them to the other children. Please put the objects in the ‘Show &Tell’ box in the cloakroom.

Could we ask you to please write the children’s names on the label of their jumpers/cardigans, coats and inside changing bags. This is because sometimes things get mixed up and we want to make sure you get your child’s things back. This includes any bags that they may bring in.    

Please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the Nursery staff if there is anything you are unsure about or any problems you have. We will endeavour to help you out as best we can.

Thank you.