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Flying Bull


Nursery Spring Term 2021

Welcome back to our Spring term at Flying Bull Academy Nursery. I hope that you are all had a wonderful Christmas break and that you are keeping well. I know that during this time you will all be working really hard to keep your little ones busy at home, this is just to give you some weekly ideas for other things that you can do while homeschooling your nursery aged children.

It is really important that we keep talking to our children to encourage them to speak clearly and, where possible, in sentences using ‘and’ and ‘because’.  Ask them to tell you about what they have done today or yesterday, this could also be a nice opportunity to phone a friend or family member outside of the home and talk to them about what they have been doing and even ask some of their own questions.

Encouraging your child to play with different toys that they have at home and making up their own stories or games is perfect for their development and provides opportunities for them to use their imagination. If they can also practice sharing and playing with other children and adults in a safe environment, this will support them in continuing to improve their personal, social and emotional skills.

As you know, we really value the sharing of books and stories here at Flying Bull Academy and I hope that your children are getting the opportunity to continue to share books and look at them independently at home. Sharing stories can be done in a variety of ways by reading to your child, letting them look through a book independently or there are many online resources for children to watch and listen to stories told by others.

There is an email address that has been set up specifically for Nursery where you can email the staff directly. We would ask that in the subject you put the name of your child or if it is for a specific member of the team that staff members name. The email address is

As you know, we have gone paperless in our setting and your child’s learning journey is now available through on online platform called ‘Tapestry’. Thank you so much for your engagement and feedback with this so far, it has been really positive and the staff and I have really enjoyed seeing some of the observations you have shared from home. We wish to continue to build this link by posting home learning challenges through the activities area on Tapestry and would like to strongly encourage you to share pictures and videos of what your child is doing with you at home. I would recommend downloading the Tapestry app for this, as it makes it much easier for you to add your own observations. These are then private as they can only be seen by the Early Years team at Flying Bull Academy and yourself. 

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or concerns.

Miss Lawry and the Nursery Team