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I hope you are all keeping well and that you have found the home learning opportunities on our school website helpful and fun. It has been wonderful to see and hear about so many different activities going on and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work throughout this time. The Nursery Padlet page has been a pleasure to see and I have enjoyed talking to you all in my fortnightly calls.

I know you have had contact from school regarding our plans to reopen following the government announcement. The purpose of this was to give us an idea of if you would be planning on sending your children back to nursery when we first reopen. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of children and staff is of the upmost importance to us. Therefore, following the government guidelines about how to adapt Early Years provision for a phased return to school, I have put together a plan for what provisions we will be putting in place to aid the safe reopening of Flying Bull Academy Nursery. Nursery will reopen from Monday 8th June and I will be in touch via phone to let you know which days your child will be able to attend nursery. If I am unable to make contact, I will leave a message with your child’s nursery times. A list of this will be available at the school office if you need to phone to find out about when your child’s sessions are.

We would initially like to start by offering each child on our register 2 sessions a week. This session will either be on a Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday depending on which ‘bubble’ your child has been placed in. Nursery is closed to all children on Wednesdays each week for cleaning. If your child normally attends nursery for the morning or afternoon session this will stay the same.

Within the nursery, the environment will be separated into two different sections, dinosaurs and tigers, so that the children who attend the setting are only mixing with children and adults in their bubble. Bubbles are organised by key groups so that the children are working with their own key workers. Each bubble will also have two 2 year olds in and consist of no more than 12 children in the morning sessions and 8 in the afternoon sessions. Each bubble will have 3 or 4 designated adults, so that the children are only interacting with these specific adults.

As we know, a good level of hygiene is especially important at this time, so it is for this reason each member of staff in the bubble will have a specific role. Adult 1 will be in charge of running the group, which will be either Miss Lawry (dinosaurs) or Mrs Maund (tigers). Adult 2 will be in charge of cleaning, ensuring they disinfect the toys and equipment the children are using throughout the session. Adult 3 will be in charge of the children’s personal hygiene, ensuring they are using the toilets safely if needed and taking groups of children to wash their hands every 30 minutes.

The nursery environment has been adapted so that children only have access to their area and will therefore not come into contact with anyone outside of their bubble or share any resources. There will be 45 minutes of ‘outside’ time per session for each of the bubbles, weather permitting. The other changes being made to the environment are that we will be removing any soft furnishings in line with government guidelines and ensure that we only keep out toys and resources that can be cleaned throughout the session.

Another important adjustment that is going to be made is to pick up and drop off times. Unfortunately, no parents are permitted to enter the school building in line with government guidelines which we understand is very different to our usual open door policy in Early Years. To make this transition easier for children, we will have staggered drop off times and adults from the children’s bubble on the door to greet them, help the children wash their hands and settle. The set-up of the nursery garden will also look very different as we will set up 2m distancing marks and have a one-way system, asking parents to come in through the nursery gate and then exit through the school’s main gate. Only one adult is permitted to come into the nursery garden to drop off and pick up to minimise contact.

As a result of the staggered pick up and drop of times it is very important that you are punctual for both drop off and pick up. The hours that your child will be with us are 8:30-11:15 (AM tigers) or 8:45-11:30 (AM dinosaurs) and 12:15-3:00 (PM tigers) or 12:30-3:15 (PM dinosaurs).

When attending the nursery, children will no longer be permitted to bring any of their own toys (no show and tell). Any toys brought in will be sent home with the adult dropping off their child. They also do not need to bring their book bags as we will not be changing reading books during this time. The only items that children can bring into the nursery are a sun hat or coat depending on the weather and a plastic bag with a change of clothes, nappies and wipes (if needed). You will need to put sun cream on your child prior to their session as they will be outside for up to 45 minutes and staff are unable to apply it for children. Unfortunately, we are unable to send home any of the children’s work during this time.

Although uniform is not required in nursery, it is very important that you send your child in clean clothes each day to avoid the spread of any germs. Please ensure that your child attends nursery in sensible clothes that it does not matter if they get dirty. A sensible choice of shoes is really important, flip flops, sliders and open toe sandals are not appropriate.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this plan, please feel free to get in touch by phoning the school office or having any questions ready for when I call. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via the nursery email address


Kind regards

Miss V Lawry

Nursery Class Teacher