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Flying Bull

Environment and Conservation Focus Day 13/10/17

A day to make the world a better place

Children had a wonderful day yesterday exploring some of the major threats to our environment and the planet's wildlife. Every child left school yesterday with an idea of at least one thing that they could do to protect the fragile environment that we live in.

Nursery explored hedgehogs and considered ways of enriching our local environment:

Reception spent time in our environmental area choosing leaves for their autumnal art and creating homes for hedgehogs as well as growing cress:

Year 1 were learning about endangered animals. The children were able to give people messages about protecting their species from people hunting them for the skins or other animal products:

Year 2 were also focusing on endangered animals and created some fabulous writing and artwork:

Year 3 were making our environment a better place by picking up huge amounts of litter:

Year 4 were researching the dwindling numbers of bees in our environment. To protect them, they created a bee hotel:

Year 5 were investigating their carbon footprint and tidying the environment around the academy:

Year 6 were determined to reduce the amount of stationery we use. They made their own glue sticks and they made toys for Reception to play with by recycling used materials. Children led other children in recycling old books into book art: