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Flying Bull

Curriculum Overview

The Flying Bull Curriculum:

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To learn more about the topics that are covered in each year group (from Year 1 to Year 6) at The Flying Bull Academy and the opportunities that are available to the children throughout the year, please click on the subject names below:

Languages 21-22

Mathematics 21-22

Music 21-22

Physical Education 21-22

LIFE 21-22 - Living in the wider world, Interpersonal relationships, Fitness, health and wellbeing, Economics and enterprise (previously known as PSHCE)

ROB 21-22- Respecting Other's Beliefs (previously known as Religious Education)

Science 21-22 

If you have any further questions, please speak to your child(ren)'s teacher or the Head/Deputy Headteacher.



At The Flying Bull Academy, we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1.

This programme is taught alongside regular shared reading of stories and books, to help instil an early love of reading. Pupils work through phases of learning during ‘phonics’ lessons, made up of ‘revisit, learning, practise and apply’; these take place at least four times a week from the start of Reception until the end of Year 1.

There are five phases, each prioritising reading and spelling using synthetic phonics:

Phase 1: Hearing and articulating sounds

Phases 2 and 3: Learning one way of writing (i.e. one grapheme) each sound (phoneme)

Phase 4: Practising blending and segmenting words with clusters of sounds

Phase 5: Learning about alternative graphemes for any given phoneme

As pupils move through the phases of learning, there is a growing emphasis on using a variety of strategies to read and spell words; pupils are strongly encouraged to think about strategies that work for them.

This is closely linked to ‘Key words (Year R)’ and ‘ERIC words (Year 1 onwards)’ for each year group – these are words (or parts of words) for which ‘phonics’ may not be the best strategy to help with reading and spelling. 

In the summer term of Year 1, pupils are assessed on their ability to read phonetically decodable words up to Phase 5 (e.g. eat, street, donkey). Pupils who do not pass this screening receive subsequent ongoing systematic support in phonics to help close the gap to their peers.

For more information please see the English Policy under our 'Policies' tab or click here