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Flying Bull

“Use less stuff” Day – 20/11/14

Today the pupils of Flying Bull were learning about the environment and how we can be more responsible with our food and recycling.  We had a variety of fun activities planned for all year groups:

Year R, Year 1 and Year 3 got to see a refuse truck in action, and learn about where all our rubbish goes when it’s taken away each week!


Year 2 had a visit from Mrs France, who cooked them some amazing foods that they could all try.  They also learned about how leftover food can be used to make different meals, rather than just be thrown away.


Year 4 and Year 5 were visited by Portsmouth City Council’s “Big Recycle” team.  They were shown what happens in a recycling centre and even got to have a go at recycling for themselves!


Year 6 paid a visit to Portsmouth beach, where they collected and recorded the amount and variety of litter they found.  Members of the public were very appreciative of the children’s attempts to help clean up our beach!


Georgia and Louie created a fantastic PowerPoint presentation detailing what they found, as well as providing information about littering.  You can download their PowerPoint presentation here