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Flying Bull

Y6 Trench Life Parent Workshop

This week, Year 6 welcomed parents to our writing workshop. 

As part of their history learning, they have been studying primary and secondary sources about WW1, particularly life in the trenches. This has now turned into a writing opportunity. 

The children were asked to create a soldier who experienced life in the trenches. They could choose age, name, rank, and nationality. Parents were encouraged to do this too. 

Once they had stretched their legs, they returned to their classrooms to find the tables on their sides and the chairs upside down. In addition, gunshots, wind, rain, and cries could be heard echoing across the room.

The children were told to take cover, mind the barbed wire (chairs), and start writing a diary from the support trench. 

The children really enjoyed this experience, and it made them feel like they were in a similar scenario, with many asking if they could do it again. 

From here, the children edited their diaries before focusing on learning new skills to improve their writing further. 

It was wonderful to share this experience with the parents and we look forward to our next workshop in March.