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Once Upon a Musical - What a show!

What a show! Over the last two days, the cast of Once Upon a Musical have performed three times and each time they grew in confidence and gave the performance of their lives. The children showed such tenacity and determination, learning their lines, practising singing and dancing as well as being prepared to step in at a moment's notice. 

It has been a truly fantastic experience to watch this cast of children perform and thrive in their element. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and saw it in person. We hope you enjoyed watching as much as the children did performing. 

The reviews are in: 

"It was fantastic, such a great show."

"I loved how the villains got booed but kept on performing."

"The child who hurt herself was fantastic. She just came straight back on stage and kept going!"

"They brought a tear to my eye."

"We all loved it so much! Well done to you all - both adults and children! I know how much work went into it and we all appreciate everyone's hard work. The children were amazing! "

"Just wanted to say a huge well done to everyone involved in the production. I happened to be in the hall when the children arrived to get ready for the evening performance and it was so lovely seeing their faces light up when they saw the hall all set up, also saw TAs and other staff working way beyond their hours to make it all happen. You are all amazing."


Thank you for coming to watch. Until next year.