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Flying Bull

“This is Me”

This week we are celebration disability awareness, inclusion and achievement.

As part of our ongoing "Love has no Labels" campaign (looking at the protected characteristics from the Equalities Act), we are celebrating across the school this week with a focus on disability awareness, inclusion and achievement.

We began the week by reflecting in our community circle time on the fact that many people have physical or mental difficulties which make it difficult to carry out everyday activities. This is called a disability. We carried out an activity which reminded us that with the right support and opportunities, everyone can be empowered to succeed.

Here are some of the questions that we have been considering today:

- Think about something that you have achieved despite difficulties or challenges.

- Can you think of someone who has inspired you by persevering in spite of difficulties that they have faced?

Today we are recognising World Down Syndrome Day by wearing bright-coloured socks, as a reminder of the extra (sock-shaped) chromosome that people with Down Syndrome have, and also as an opportunity to celebrate diversity. 

Keep an eye on the website for more updates throughout the week!