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Flying Bull

Y6 RADWEB Entreprise Day

Today, Y6 took part in an enterprise day with RADWEB where they were challenged to create a toy product as part of a competition. In their teams they had to decide on a product, design marketing for social media and tv, work out costings and decide on their pitch. The end product was then explained to the judges - much like Dragons Den - with the children asking the judges for investment, sponsorship or just advice. 

All the children worked incredibly hard on their pitches and were brave enough to stand in front of their peers, in the hall, and give their presentations. We had a wide range of products from Quiz apps, to a website which taught children who to buy houses ready for the real world, to educational websites for maths as well as a Build-A-Bear app which would be sponsored by the company itself. Such detail and thought was put into the products which was amazing. 

From this, a winning team was chosen which was a Quiz app to support people increase their brain function and also donated 5% of their profit to Dementia UK. Well done to all the children in Y6 for such a great day. 

Happy half term everyone.