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Flying Bull

Year 6 STEM Learning

Over the past two days, Year 6 have been developing their understanding of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. They have visited the CEMAST centre in Gosport and taken part in a range of activities from learning about the coastline, working on plaster of Paris, building through Lego, experiencing a wind tunnel, getting to go on an airplane simulation, teamwork building, coding and so many more. The children really enjoyed the experiences and asked brilliant questions. 


Back at school, with Miss Carter, has been leading a Science Day when the children have been learning about the Circulatory System. They have done this through role-play, hands-on creation - making their own blood - and getting to dissect a heart to see how the different parts look and work. 


It has been a fantastic couple of days and the children have thrived through the hands-on learning.