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Flying Bull

Y6 Re-enact The Christmas Truce from 1914

Today, as part of our cross-curricular approach to writing, Y6 participated in a re-enactment of The Christmas Truce from 1914. The two classes role-played being either a British or German platoon and sang Christmas carols across the battlefield before two 'soldiers' left their parapets and ventured across no-mans-land for a temporary surrender. The 'soldiers' then exchanged gifts with each other and partook in some events of the time: football, haircuts (role-played), swapping of stories, and sharing of photographs. Unfortunately, gunfire could be heard in the distance, so the soldiers had to return to their trenches. 


The children will be using this experience to write a letter home to loved ones of their part in the truce. These will be shared in Author's Corner when they are complete.