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Flying Bull

Year 6 Visit The Mary Rose Museum by 6C School Ambassadors

Today, we (Year 6) were lucky enough to win a competition to go on a school trip to the Mary Rose Museum for the day. We took part in a workshop on “Life in Tudor Times” which included: naming many objects that were used by Tudors, dressing up in replicas of Tudors clothes (of the rich and poor), and listened to a talk about how Portsmouth landmarks have changed over the last five hundred years made professionally by one of the experts. After that, we went to the Mary Rose Museum and saw the remains of the ship which sank so many years ago. The museum also contained replicas and real objects of the items that were found on the seabed. They had activities that we thoroughly enjoyed, for example, we tried to shoot a replica bow to recreate the experience of what it would feel like to shoot one, multiple interactive screens with games and information about the ship. We are grateful for this amazing experience that was given to us. We thank the staff of the Historical Dockyard for being extremely nice. Enjoy your day, and thank you for reading our article.

The 6C School Ambassadors