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Flying Bull

My Dog Sighs Insiders Exhibition

This week, the children in Year 5 and Year 6 will be heading down to the My Dog Sigh's Insiders Exhibition, with 6C being the first class to visit today. We were the only school in Portsmouth selected to attend the exhibition so it was a real treat for the children (and adults). My Dog Sighs has been working on this installation for the last two years and has kindly let us bring the children to see the incredible work he has been doing. He greeted the children outside and explained his vision before accompanying us to the second floor and the 'Little Voices' exhibition. It is like no art gallery seen before with the original state of the Casino building on Osbourne Road remaining, so there was wallpaper peeling as well as broken glass littering the floor too. As My Dog Sighs is a street artist he wanted to keep the feel of the street and bring people into his world, not the other way around. 

The children were fascinated with the different characters he has created and giving their opinion on their jobs and purposes in his society. The conversations around the art were fantastic and the children represented the school so well. 

Unfortunately, we cannot share more photos out of respect for the artist, but there are still tickets available for the exhibition as well as walk-in tickets on sale each day, should you want to go and experience it for yourself. 

Thank you for the brilliant opportunity and the rest of Phase 4 look forward to visiting during the week.