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Flying Bull

The Masked Readers revealed

Yesterday was the last day of our Masked Reader celebration for World Book Day. The contestants were revealed in assembly and can be seen below. 

The Potato - Miss Carter

The Ghost - Mrs Stapenhill

Zorro - Mrs Sandy

The Flower Warrior - Mrs Churchill

The Alpaka - Miss Kova

The Robber - Mrs Darbyshire

The Man - Mrs Palamidas

The Graduation Hat - Miss Kelk

The Pirate - Mrs Kies

Darth Vadar - Mrs Earl

The Monkey - Miss Birks

The Oompa Loompa - Mr Burns

The Princess - Mrs Nair

Thank you for all the guesses and effort put in for World Book Day. It was a great day and a fantastic way to celebrate the reading effort that goes on at Flying Bull.