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Flying Bull

Picture Book/Shorter Novel Awards

Hello Everyone

We are celebrating the launch of the Yr 1 Picture Book and the Yr 5 Shorter Novel Awards for this year. There is an explanation of how this works attached to this message and information on the books that have been selected.

 Both Mr Thomas and I were part of the selection process for the Yr 5 award and I was also part of the panel for the picture book, so we know there are some very good books for you to read.

This year things are different as you won’t be able to read the books but you will be able to listen to them being read by the lovely ladies from the School Library Service.

 The links to these readings are on the website. The first 4 chapters of each Yr5 shorter novel are available now and more will be posted as soon as they are ready.

 Happy Reading

 Mrs Churchill