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Flying Bull

Christmas Postboxes

Every class was given a box to use as their postbox. They were given the challenge of decorating the boxes.

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Miss Churchill's class

Mrs Barker's class


Mrs Nair's class

Mrs Krycler's / Mrs Gray's class - A train, with an attached carriage, carrying parcels made by each child.

Mrs Foster's class

Mrs Shaw's class - sent by the 2S elves!

Mrs Birks' class

Mrs Graham's class

Mrs Kova's class - We believe it truly represents 2020 - Anything can happen! Dragons leading the sleigh!

Mrs Earl's class - First photo

Mrs Earl's second photo - Created completely by the children. It was Max's idea for Santa to eat the cards.

Mr Thomas' class

Mr Boulstridge's class - Mr Boulstridge said We've made an old, nostalgic, school TV for watching Christmas movies.

Mr Burns' class

Miss Carter's class


The Provision