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Year 2 have access to eBooks

Borrow a range of books on-line and read them on your devices at home

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our school believes reading good books is important and we want to let you know about an exciting development.  As well as the many excellent "real" books available to enjoy from school, Year 2 children will now be offered access to a library of e-Books too. (Years 3 to 6 already have access).

The eBook library will aim to promote reading for pleasure by providing a broad range of fiction and some leisure non-fiction for each pupil to choose and read independently.

Your child will be given their own user name and password to access an online library of books which is made available to us by the School Library Service (SLS).  (I will be texting parents with the login details this week.) The books have been chosen by SLS to be suitable for our age group and we know that there will be many great books to enjoy.

 You can preview the eBooks at

  • Each user can select one book at a time and has three weeks to read it
  • The child can return the book early to select another book, if they want
  • The eBook library offers children a different reading experience and will help to further inspire reading for pleasure

The eBook library operates within a web browser so they will be able to read at home on any device which gives access to the internet, such as a lap top, tablet or smart phone.  It will be possible to adjust the font size, background colour etc. Unfortunately the Amazon Kindle won't be able to access our eBook library as Amazon uses its own, non standard file type.  However, the Kindle Fire will work as it gives internet access via the Silk web browser.

Please encourage your child to participate fully in this new opportunity. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely


Karen Churchill (Hub Manager)