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Your Questions Answered...

Answers About the Wider Opening of School

Further details on the exact dates and arrangements for year groups to return to school will be given on the website in due course. This will happen when our Academy Trust has signed off the risk assessment and all arrangements have been put in place to support the safety and welfare of everyone in The Flying Bull community.

Those families who have already been granted permission to send their children to school, as the parents/carers are key workers or the child is vulnerable, will continue to come to school next week as they have been attending. They will be the only children returning to school on Monday 1st June.


The following questions were asked by parents/carers at the Zoom video calls held by Mr Hewett-Dale. They refer to arrangements for the wider opening of The Flying Bull Academy:

Do children need to wear School Uniform?

Children are not expected to wear school uniform when they return. We ask that you ensure your children wear sensible footwear to work and play outside. Additionally the children and their clothes should be washed daily to help prevent the spread of the virus.


I have an underlying health condition. Must I send my child into school even though I have been advised to shield at home?

If you are shielding because you have a diagnosed, underlying health condition then your child should not come into school. Families will not be at risk of fines during the summer term if they choose not to send their children into school. There will be on-line activities on the website, as before, to continue the home learning. For more guidance on this please click this link:


Will my child get a free school meal?

Children entitled to a free school meal will not get a hot meal as they did before the lockdown. They will get a packed lunch which will be delivered to their classroom. You are more than welcome to provide your own packed lunch if you wish to do so. We are waiting for clarification on how the current voucher scheme will run after 1st June.


Will there be some familiar staff in my child’s bubble?

We have made every effort to ensure the children will be familiar with the adults who will be taking their bubbles. The curriculum will also ensure children are eased back into school life and the teachers will be sensitive to the changes and loss that some of our families have suffered during this time.


Do the children need to attend all week from now on?

We will make it very clear when your child is able to begin back at school. We believe it should be parental choice whether you send your child every day. If children miss sessions, however, it will be more difficult for them to catch up on missed lessons if their attendance is inconsistent.


Can a different adult pick up and drop off?

It does not need to be the same adult who drops off and picks up. However, it must only be one adult accompanying the children to reduce the number of adults at these busier times of the school day.


Will school be open during the summer holidays?

The Flying Bull Academy will be closed during the summer holidays. If we hear of other child care options during the summer holidays we will ensure that information is made available on the website.


When will families find out who their new teacher is for the academic year 2020/2021?

We are currently working on this and we will inform families in mid-June as we would do normally.


Will there still be work on the website so that children can continue with home learning?

We will continue to upload work activities on the website on the ‘Home Learning’ page. When the year group returns to school, those activities will mirror some of the learning happening in the classroom but will be a reduced version.


If you have any further questions, please email or the year group email address for each year group on the home learning page.