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Flying Bull

Home Learning

Supporting Families with Home Learning

As The Flying Bull Academy remains open only to vulnerable children and to children of Key Workers, we want to support families with some learning at home.

We are very keen that learning at home should not be overwhelming or cause stress within the home. On the Home Learning tab we have created some tasks for the week. The intention is to give you a choice of activities which can be completed throughout the week. 

Here are some tips for successful learning at home:

  1. Work on an activity for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time (15-20 minutes for Reception and Year 1 children).
  2. Above all, the main priorities should be talking and reading. Talk to your children about their work, how they are feeling, what they are missing... Encourage children to access our Reading and Phonics Resources folder.
  3. Try to follow a rough timetable for the day so that children know when they can have a break, when they will have their lunch etc. (Suggestion Below)
  4. Fit in some physical activity. Go out for your daily exercise once a day. Take part in some of the activities in our PE Resources folder.
  5. If the environment is becoming stressful - leave the home learning. It is important children feel successful and you can celebrate what the children have done well, not dwell on the things they have not been able to do.