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Flying Bull

Author interview for World Book Day

A huge thank you to @tomrogersbook from Year 5 and 6

As part of the World Book Day activities for Years 5 and 6, they were lucky enough to interview (via Skype) the author of 'Eleven' . This is a text that Year 5 and 6 have just started reading and which will form the basis of some powerful writing as part of their 'Is it right to fight?' topic.

We are extremely grateful to Tom for his time and sharing his expertise with our children. He wrote the following note to our Year 5 and 6 teams:

Hi Vickie and Year 5/6 Team,

Aw, thank you for the lovely email! I had a blast. Your students were delightful and had great questions--a testament to the work you'd obviously done to make sure they were ready and well-prepared. Many thanks to your team, and please give a shout-out to the kids for me!

Or as we say on The Chicken Squad: BAGAWK!

That's two years running with Flying Bull; hoping we can go three-for-three next year!

All the best,