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Flying Bull

KS2 Sports Day 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our KS2 children for their sports day today.

Our successful sports days continued today with KS2.  Well done to all the children who took part, and thank you to everyone who supported them this year.

Congratulations to our sprint winners:

Year 6 boys - 1st: Jay, 2nd: Freddie, 3rd: Abitha

Year 6 girls - 1st: Eve, 2nd: Lucky, 3rd: Chloe

Year 5 boys - 1st: Denzel, 2nd: Darren, 3rd: Josh

Year 5 girls - 1st: Gracie, 2nd: TIlly, 3rd: Maddie

Year 4 boys - 1st: Lucas, 2nd: Louis, 3: Szabolcs

Year 4 girls - 1st: Yassin, 2nd: Fayruz, 3rd: Yole

Year 3 boys - 1st: Harvey, 2nd: Archie, 3rd: Mustafa

Year 3 girls - 1st: Oneita, 2nd: Isabelle, 3rd: Tilly

More photos from the day: