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Flying Bull

A Workshop with Ali Sparkes

Learning to Write From A Published Author

Ali Sparkes (@SparkesAli) - our Reading Patron - visited Flying Bull last week working with Year 5 and 6 on a Bus Crash Workshop.

The children were each given their own persona ranging from Barbie obsessed five-year-olds to 400-year-old vampires. The children role-played being on a bus when it crashed, they then had to write down the conversation they would have had between their two personalities. There were some stand out examples with the children relishing the opportunity to be so creative. 

Ali also launched her writing challenge which all children from Y1-6 will be participating in after half term.

The challenge is to write a short story based on the title - The Conversation.

The only rules are that there must be a conversation between at least two characters and there must be a twist or a decision made at the end. We are eagerly awaiting the children's writing. Three examples from each year group will be sent to Ali to decide on a winner for each year group.