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Key Stage 2 Sports Day

More fabulous performances at Key Stage 2 Sports Day

We hosted an extremely successful Key Stage 2 Sports Day this morning.

There were a host of excellent performances today - both individual performances in the sprints and superb team performances that saw the Yellow team as the winners for the Key Stage 2 Sports Day.

As with Key Stage One earlier in the week, the event finished with sprint finals for each of the year groups. The photos and winners are below:


Year 3

  1. Jayla Emosivwe                                      Jay Carroll
  2. Sofia Oribe                                              Faithful Adeojo
  3. Ruby Mills                                               Harvey Chatfield


Year 4

  1. Katie Welch                                             Fortune Adeojo
  2. Ruby Smith                                              Christopher Morton
  3. Lillie Rose Hatton                                    Bailey Harding

Year 5

  1. Jessica Matchett                                      Jack Webb
  2. Macy Bacon                                             Riley Badham
  3. Lily Chase                                                 Riley Ricketts

Year 6

  1. Nung Wanhom                                        Joseph Blagden
  2. Daisy Eburne                                            Nathan Sinense
  3. Edina Ternovac                                        Danny West