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Flying Bull

Attendance breaks the record at Flying Bull!

Attendance Blog – Year end

As we approach the last week of the academic year, let us review our current attendance. Attendance (year to date) has risen from 96.6% in 2016/17 to 96.8%. We have now exceeded our academy target! This has only been achievable because of the continued effort and support from all of our pupils, parents and carers. Thank you.

We have also managed to lower our Persistent Absence rate. Our Persistent Absence this year is currently at 3.51%. This is a drop of 1.84% from 5.35%. This is well below the Government target!

We have also had another great week at the Flying Bull Academy last week with 97.1% attendance. 9 out of 15 classes achieved an attendance rate above our minimum academy target of 96.6%. This is great news and shows a real continued effort.

Last week the winners of the attendance cup were 2H with an amazing 99.2%. In 2nd place were 5W with 99.1% and closely followed in 3rd place by both 6C and 6E with 98.7%.

We continue to thank you all for your support.