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Come and celebrate your child(ren)'s Year

Make an appointment with your child(ren)'s teacher

The children from Year 1 to 6 are very excited about sharing their 5 greatest achievements and pieces of work with you next week.

To make the childrens progress really come to life, we are charging them with presenting their work to you. With their teacher, they will show you the very best of what they have achieved this year so that you can celebrate their successes with them.

Please make sure you bring the children with you to the appointment if you are coming after school hours.

You will receive your child(ren)'s end of year report at the appointment and have the opportunity to ask the teacher anything you would like.

The appointment days are:

Year 1 and 5 - Monday 25th June - 1pm - 6pm

Year 2 and 6 - Tuesday 26th June - 1pm - 6pm

Year 3 and 4 - Wednesday 27th June - 1pm - 6pm

On Wednesday 27th June, Reception are inviting parents/carers in to pick up their child's end of year report and to see the year's learning journey from 2:15 - 3pm. Parents and carers are welcome to drop-in from 3pm to 6pm if it is not convenient to come in during school time.

The appointment letters are available below.