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Flying Bull

‘Learning is fun and the teachers have great ideas.’

A very positive report from Challenge Partners...

Following our latest review carried out by Challenge Partners we have some very positive feedback to share. To read the full report click here.

The full report is extremely complimentary about the three areas upon which they focus:

  • School Improvement Strategies - Outstanding
  • Outcomes for pupils - Good
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment - Good

Here are some of the things mentioned in our report that reflects the excellent work of everyone associated with The Flying Bull Academy:

"Infectious enthusiasm from the EYFS leader and staff promotes positive attitudes to learning within and engaging learning environment."

"Pupils are very proud of their school and respectful of their teachers."

"Year 6 pupils feel well prepared for Year 7."

"Pupils' behaviour is excellent because rules and routines are well established and positive behaviour management is consistent across the school."

"Engagement in learning is high; pupils understand how to improve through appropriate pace and a variety of activities."

"Positive relationships at all levels help pupils feel valued and the work on growth mindsets results in an excellent climate for learning. Pupils said, 'it's all about learning' 'it's ok to make mistakes.'"

"Teachers know each pupil well."

"Teacher's excellent, confident subject knowledge ensures effective progression."

"Pupils are very articulate in explaining their learning."

"The headteacher and deputy headteacher act as excellent role models, being visible, hands-on leaders across the school so that learning pervades at all levels."

"Leaders at all levels are driven by high expectations of pupils' achievement."

"The dynamic learning culture has been created through valuing the adults' learning as well as the pupils, so high quality opportunities impact productively on professional development."

"Teaching assistants make an effective contribution to learning because they receive training that is linked to the appraisal cycle and mirrors the valuable training that teachers receive."