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World Maths Day - 15/03/17

An exciting day of mathematics based activities

Last Wednesday we held World Maths Day, with a range of activities to challenge our pupils and test their maths skills in new and exciting ways...

Year one completed a maths trail around the school, as well as incorporating maths into their PE session to complete challenges set by their teachers.

Year two spent the morning in the Hub, using a fantastic website called Kahoot! to complete maths challenges, competing against the other children in their class.

Years three and four spent part of the day working on tangram puzzles, as well as being set the challenge of fixing broken calculators!

Year five used mathematics to determine the quantities of ingredients needed to make cookies, as well as completing maths puzzles and matchstick brain teasers.

Year six were set a number of challenges, including coordinate graph puzzles, as well as a spot of maths golf!

Rounding off the day for each class, the children were treated to a performance by Barney from House of Maths, who demonstrated many of the fun and interesting ways maths can be used in everyday life.