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Flying Bull

2 Million Words in 2 Terms

30 Million words for the Academy ... 2 Million for Johnny

We have had an incredible year for reading so far. We have managed to read over 30 million words already this year. Well done to everyone who has hit their target.

2 000 000 Words!

We now have two children in the academy who have read over 1 million words (Johnny and Gracie) which is an astonishing achievement.


This is Johnny... His reading performance has been mind-blowing. Johnny has now read over 2 million words which equates to 50 books from 'The Goldfish Boy' to 'Kensuke's Kingdom' to 'Eragon'. We applaud you Johnny.

We are extremely proud of the progress of our children in their reading this year and we are grateful for all of the support the children receive at home.