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Flying Bull

A Hair-Raising Success!

" exciting and tautly-paced show..." 

What a performance!! One of the highlights of the academy's calendar - Hairspray the musical!!

The children did The Flying Bull Academy very proud indeed with their superb performances on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon. Have a look at the photos and the thoughts of our governors:

Chair of Governors, Mike Swann, said:

Yesterday afternoon fellow governor Peter Marcus and I visited the school to see the third and final performance of this year's musical production, Hairspray. I remember watching the John Waters film on which the musical is based many years ago, and was intrigued to see how the team at the Flying Bull Academy would adapt the source material to make it accessible for all age groups. As it happens, we were treated to an exciting and tautly-paced show that really gave the opportunity for the songs, and the children performing them, to shine.

It was really lovely to see a number of familiar faces on stage from last year's production, Matilda, and this is greatly encouraging for the future as the school continues to develop opportunities for children from all year groups to participate in events such as this.

What was really noticeable throughout yesterday's performance were the smiles on the faces of the children as they acted and sang. They were very clearly enjoying themselves, and the sense of their ownership of the material and the performance was palpable. It takes real confidence at any age to perform in front of an audience, so all the more impressive to see pupils from across the school do so with such self-assurance. The experience will no doubt further empower them.

It is a priority for the teaching staff at the Flying Bull Academy to provide the widest and most enriching range of opportunities for our children, and governors are aware of the hard work that goes in to balance the competing demands of the curriculum. It is often experiences such as performing in a school play or musical that stick longest and fondest in young people's memories of their time at school, and I hope this is indeed the case for the children involved in Hairspray this year.

We are very lucky to have such a hard-working and dedicated team at the Flying Bull Academy and many members of staff committed their own time and tireless energy to deliver this production. On behalf of my fellow governors, I would like to thank them all - and particularly Miss Carter, Miss Watkins and Mrs Griffiths, who have given so much to the children and the school this year. Drama and music is clearly in very good health at Flying Bull, and I look forward to next year's production! 

Peter Marcus, academy governor said:

Thank you for inviting us in to watch Hairspray. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am sure so did everyone else who watched it.

A massive well done to all staff involved from me, and of course well done to all the children as well!