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3G Visit Tuppenny Barn

Yesterday class 3G visited Tuppenny Barn to learn about sustainability

It was a busy day for 3G yesterday during their visit to Tuppenny Barn!  They kindly allowed us to cram in a number of exciting opportunities for our children.  We took a tour of the area, learning about the various elements that combine to allow for sustainable living and the support of the local wildlife.  From beehives to plants, a pond to a greenhouse made from recycled drinks bottles, 3G saw a number of ways in which we can support our environment.

We then came in from the cold to prepare a delicious vegetable soup, along with curly kale crisps which the children thought were particularly tasty!  After a quick lunch, we helped make bird feeders and plant beetroot seedlings, before pressing our own apple juice.

A very busy day, with so much being accomplished!  3G were a credit to the school throughout, asking a number of insightful questions.