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Flying Bull

Reading Makes A Huge Difference

Keep children's brains active by reading with them and to them

It is now just under two weeks before the children are back at The Flying Bull Academy (Monday 11th September).

We wanted to just share a message about the importance of reading especially over the summer holidays. We hope children are enjoying a restful holiday and have made the most of their time off but our one request is that they are reading at least 5 times a week.

Why is reading important?

  • It has a huge impact on all areas of children's learning

  • It has a positive impact on children's progress at school

  • Reading is a life skill that all children will need

  • It helps children to become better communicators

  • Reading helps develop our imaginations

Five steps to Reading Success:

  1. Make time to read daily - It is just as important that children have the chance for someone to read to them as it is for them to read themselves. Equally reading a magazine or a website like Newsround ( is just as valuable.
  2. Create a reading environment - Reading works best when there are no distractions. With plenty of books to choose from, no TV and no interruptions from other family members or friends, a relaxing reading environment will encourage children to value that special reading time.
  3. Discuss the book - Some of the joy of sharing a book is talking about it with the person you have shared the reading with. 'Would you have behaved in the same way as that character? - Why?' 'What could happen next?' 'What interested you about this page?'
  4. Encouragement is very important - Reading is a complex business so as much praise as possible will mean children will want to keep trying even when they are struggling with some sections.
  5. Join the library - Reading books that interest you is vital to reading success. In the library you can choose books that you are interested to read and change them regularly...all without paying a penny.